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Six weeks of new episodes… starting this Sunday!

Posted on Mar 6, 2014
Look in our rear view mirror and what do we see? There’s that Super Bowl, those Olympics and the Oscars (and for some of you a rerun of Episode 702).
Look straight ahead and there’s nothing but brand new Season 7 episodes for the next six (6 - count ‘em) Sundays to close out a very popular season seven of television’s favourite family series.
And the future all starts in three days this Sunday - March 9, at 7:00pm in every province of Canada except Newfoundland, where our fans there get to watch Heartland starting at 7:30pm. (If you have the Heartland Companion App on your iOS device, you can watch the first few minutes of the episode now).
Now, let me get this out of the way...
It’s about time!!!!!!
As impatient as I can get (and I can get impatient!) I still realize that programming breaks are a necessary part of the TV business. This season has had the fewest interruptions ever of any of Heartland’s seven seasons, with only a total of two reruns between the fall season 7 premiere and the upcoming season 7 finale. Yes, this last interruption was a long one, but it’s all but over now my friends!
So I won't be mentioning any more breaks or reruns from now until the middle of April, after the remaining season 7 episodes have all premiered. And the reason I'm not mentioning them anymore? Because we have NEW episodes to talk about, starting this Sunday!!!! (Cue the thunderous applause.)
In this exciting new episode, titled “Lost Highway,” (watch the promo here) scriptwriter David Preston and director Eleanore Lindo take us on a fun journey with a few different storylines. As most of you know, this episode brings back Lisa Stillman, played by Jessica Steen. If you recall, things didn’t end well for Jack and Lisa, and this week’s episode shows us how each of them are faring.
Of course, almost everybody knows that the two of them make each other happy, so when Tim (of all people) takes it upon himself to try and get them back together the results are often hilarious. Sometimes Tim’s ideas are really harebrained, but in this episode his intent is so sincere it is a lot of fun to watch. Chris Potter is very funny in this Sunday’s show, and mostly it is because this is a rare occurrence when we want one of Tim’s crazy ideas to succeed. Now, coupled with Lisa returning is one of her horses - Cinders - coming to Heartland for Amy to help the horse overcome his fear of water.
Amy’s horse therapy is going well, until Georgie - trying to come up with a quick fix for an earlier forgotten chore - throws a huge fly in the ointment (or is that a huge wrench in the works? Either is correct!) Speaking of Georgie, both she and little Katie are really missing Lou, who's still on her book tour. Fighting a losing battle of trying to run an orderly household without her around, Peter thinks that perhaps Katie needs to be reunited with her mother. Georgie is not happy with the plan that is laid out.
So this episode has a lot that you are going to like: Lisa, working with horses, helmets on all riders, flashbacks, plotting, scheming, humour, life lessons and more. And as always tied together as only Heartland can.
You’ll notice the leaves are turning colour in this episode and the landscape is quite lovely. This is a nice reminder that this horrific winter we have suffered through is slowly coming to an end. Soon it will be officially spring and that can only be a good thing, no?
I also can’t let this opportunity slip to remind y’all that the Heartland Companion App is outstanding and if you haven’t used it yet, might I recommend you download it and try it out when you watch Heartland this Sunday? You'll get to watch more scenes from the episode that only appear on the app! And there's trivia AND prizes!!!!! For those of you who haven't heard about the app yet, what you do is while you watch Sunday's episode on TV, open the app on your iPhone/iPad/iPod, which listens to the episode via the microphone, and then syncs up a map, where you'll see all this cool stuff pop up all episode long. You can get the app for free - YES, FREE! - here on the app store in Canada. If you don't have an iOS device, (like an Android or something else) - point your browser HERE Sunday night at 7pm for the web experience --- it's just like the iOS version.
Now, while I have your attention I want you to be aware that Amber Marshall will be a presenter at the Canadian Screen Awards on Sunday night, which airs after Heartland on CBC. If you watch closely you just may see a few people who have appeared on Heartland over the years. If you are allowed to stay up past 8:00pm (Sometimes if I am good even I am allowed to!) then you may enjoy seeing Amber on stage handing out an award. For those of you who tweet (you follow me on Twitter, right?), CBC has a contest for swag-bags, and all you have to do is include a question for a star on the show (which as I just said Amber Marshall will be attending), and include @CBC and #CBCConnects in the tweet. You know I love all Heartland fans, and I'd love to see at least one of you win these cool swag bags. And that star in question just may answer your question in a video message on Twitter.
There's also another Canadian Screen Award event you should know about if you are IN the Greater Toronto Area, is that this Saturday (like in 2 days) Amber will also be in Toronto at the Eaton Centre from 11:00am to 1:00pm ET. Why don’t you drop by and say “Hi” to her. She would love to meet you! It's a free event, and you can get all the info about it here.
That’s pretty well it, other than to show you some images from this Sunday’s new episode. I hope you enjoy them, and I hope you enjoy the episode when you watch it this Sunday, and I hope you are able to catch Amber afterwards as a presenter at the Awards. As you know, she cleans up REAL nice! (Speaking of wearing a helmet, I’m going to need one after she reads that last sentence!) :D
Next Thursday -- and for the next 5 (five, count ‘em) Thursdays - a blog devoted to the upcoming Sunday’s new Season 7 episode will appear, right here! How can anyone argue when I write, “Life is Good”?
Until next week your Blog Whisperer shall remain, as always, obediently yours.