Six Seasons Of Georgie

Posted on Aug 16, 2018

Recent Thursday blogs have been throwbacks to the beginning of Heartland, with most hearkening back to when the series started in 2007. Today is also going to be a throwback, but it's only going back six years, to season 6, as that was when Georgina Crawley was introduced to Heartland fans as a runaway who chanced upon the Heartland Ranch and her life changed forever.

Alisha Newton has done an excellent job portraying Georgie (no one really calls her Georgina anymore) and, like her character, she has grown a lot during the past six seasons of the series.

Here are two photos from each of the seasons 6 through 11 where Georgie has graced Heartland. I think you'll agree you can see the differences in her from season to season.

In production news, as Chris Potter (ep 1207) and Rachel Leiterman (ep 1208) continue to film the fourth block of season 12, block 5 is in prep with director Eleanore Lindo, who will be helming episodes 1209 and 1210, beginning near the end of this month. There is also a new episode title for Episode 1209, which was written by Ken Craw. It's titled, "Long Road Back." A long road back from... what? And for who? It makes you think, doesn't it?

That's all for now. Check back next Thursday when a new blog will be posted.