Season’s End - Everything old is new again

Posted on Mar 28, 2011

The cast and crew

Well, here is that bittersweet post that follows the broadcast of the Season 4 Finale. Click through to the blog post for a season wrap-up, but DEFINITELY not a Heartland website wrap-up! Plus, there's contest info too!

Some things have remained the same - not unlike last year, our fan numbers have grown. Not unlike last year, Heartland is watched in an ever growing number of countries around the world (including now the U.S.A. and Iran). Also, not unlike last year, production is looking forward to an 18-episode new season (That would be Season 5), which will begin broadcasting on the CBC (where else?) in late September.

And at this time last year we were asking fans help in naming one of Amber's horses.  The help is still needed in naming, but this time we are asking you to come up with the first name of Lou and Peter's newborn baby girl, who was born last night at the end of the season finale!

The first name is the name everyone will call her, so you get a chance to be part of Heartland history by naming the baby.  There are great prizes for whoever's name is selected (in the event of a tie the first in with the selected name wins) so if you haven't already done so, go here - and help us find the perfect name. Remember - be creative!

Now, that smiling group in the photo at the top of the page was captured just after lunch on the last day of filming in December. It is of most of the Season 4 cast, crew and production office, and was taken in the Calgary Heartland studios.  Our intrepid stills photographer Andrew Bako - who has taken every photo you have seen on the site this year - stood on a step ladder on the porch of the house set with his wide angle lens and was able to corral the team together for this photo. So yes it's an indoor shot; the snow is fake, and if you look closely you can see the creases in the photographic backdrop, although thankfully you never see them in the episodes!

Everyone was totally exhausted from the grueling schedule, but there were smiles all around, because everyone knows they are working on a pretty special television series. I think you would agree, no?

The production office opens next Monday, the cameras start rolling in a little over a month, and the 5th Season of Heartland will be starting on CBC Television in the fall. But don't lose that bookmark for this website, for although there may not be new episodes there will be LOTS happening here on the site!

In addition to the weekly Thursday blog posts - which have been a staple of Heartland for nearly two straight years - there'll be puzzles, games, photos, production news (including exclusive behind-the-scenes season 5 secrets), rerun information, articles and news about CBC's top watched dramatic series.

So stay tuned, Heartland fans!

Until... Thursday!

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