Season 9’s penultimate episode this Sunday

Posted on Mar 10, 2016

Well folks, it's been a whirlwind ride. Sixteen episodes and it seems like only yesterday we started on season 9.

Every year there are certain things I remember - the announcement of a new season; the first day of principal photography; the first footage shot during production; the first day I see a completed episode and the first day Heartland gets broadcast on CBC.

Also,this blog is when I get to annually use one of my few fancy words - penultimate - which means second to last. And that is exactly what episode 917 (Love is just a Word) is, the second last episode of Season 9.

As he has often done, Dean Bennett has directed the final two episodes of the year. And they are produced together with some storylines that will be completed on Sunday when the episode airs, and others that will carry over into the Season 9 finale on March 20th.

Next week I will share some photos from Heartland's final Season 9 episode, but today's blog is all about 917, which was written by Mark Haroun.

As I wrote above, the episode is titled "Love is just a Word." And just like last week we have several stories going on, from 1) Amy helping Cassandra with her horsemanship; 2) Tim making sure everyone (including Peter!) attend a Hudson holiday party; 3) Georgie, Jade and Adam helping along with Ty and Amy at Bob Granger's wildlife reserve; 4) Jack holding a grudge against (of all creatures) Remi, in order to win a bet with Lisa.

If you'll recall, Ty was not eager to work with Bob Granger again, but he has shown that he (just as Ty has done) has turned the corner from bad decisions he made in the past. He went to jail and paid his debt and his only interest is with helping animals - all animals. But sometimes you can't escape your past, no matter how hard you try.

I mentioned Peter above. Yes, he is back, as the photo of him and Tim below proves (I can't wait for THAT conversation!) and of course this is going to put Lou in a very uncomfortable situation.

I really like this episode and I am already eager to see the season finale. You are all so lucky Canada; you get to see it for the first time this Sunday,  March 13 at 7p.m. (7:30p.m. NT). Now remember, Daylight Savings Time starts Sunday, so spring ahead and make sure you catch this most excellent episode of television's favourite family drama.

Me? I'll be back next week with more photos and news about the finale; that's what I do - keep you fans informed.

Speaking of news - It still looks like there will be Periscope sessions with Amber Marshall (Wednesday, March 16) and Alisha Newton (Thursday, March 17) next week. More details as everything gets 100% confirmed.

And CBC is getting ready announce which dramas will be returning in the fall. Because Heartland is experiencing its most watched season in Canada ever I hope to be Blog Whispering for a while still... if they'll have me back. Nothing is confirmed until the announcement, but they wouldn't do anything nasty to us Heartland fans, would they?

So there! I leave on an optimistic note.

See you next week! Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.