Season 8, DVDs, Netflix & the future of Heartland: Your questions answered

Posted on May 1, 2014

Frequently on the blog, and on Facebook and on Twitter, the same questions about Heartland are asked over and over again.

A glass-half-empty Blog Whisperer might tire of the repetition, but not I. That’s because it means that more and more people are discovering Heartland on a daily basis, and just like the very first person who asked, “Will this show come out on DVD?” questions I've seen a hundred times before still deserve to be answered.

Now it's not a coincidence that I picked today to write a blog answering the basic questions that crop up. It is, after all, May 1: a pretty short date to write out. So when I see these questions appear on our social media sites I can simply reply with “Read my May 1 Blog.”

Q: When will season 8 premiere?

A: No date has been set yet, but if history is any indicator, it'll be in late September or early October.

Q: Is season 8 only available in Canada?

A: Yes, and only on CBC. When they premiere, all new episodes air at 7:00pm except in the province of Newfoundland, where it broadcasts at 7:30pm

Q: When is the DVD set for season 7 going to be available to purchase in Canada?

A: No date has been set yet, but if history is any indicator, it will be in late September or early October. The DVD release of a past season usually ties in with the premiere of a
new season.

Q: Can I buy DVDs if I'm not in Canada?

A: Yes. is used by many fans around the world who wish to buy the Canadian DVDs. If you do choose to do this and you are not in North America please make sure your DVD player can play discs made for the Canada/US market.

Q: Are the main cast all returning for Season 8?

A: Yes, and there'll be some characters we have not seen for a while returning. I must add here that if you saw season 7, you’ll know that Jessica Amlee (Mallory) has left the series. Mallory will not be returning, as Jessica has moved to the US to further her education and her career.

Q: What about Heartland in the United States?

A: Heartland airs on UPtv in the US. They're the only licensed broadcaster to have the rights to air Heartland. However, I don't have all the answers to their programming, though I can tell you they'll resume showing new (to the US) episodes of season 6 in June. They have a Facebook page and a website and I urge our American fans to check in there with related questions.

Q: I like the Tuesday Time Killers. Are you going to continue them?

A: Yes. Every Tuesday until season 8 premieres.

Q: Are we getting production tweets from set again this year.

A: Oh yes. If you follow me on Twitter you'll notice I'm tweeting many unseen photos which flashback to season 7. Once production starts on May 12 I'll be tweeting several times, giving hints, clues, photos (yes production photos like the 6 you see on this page) and other fun things to help us follow the production process as we continue the Wait for Eight.

Q: What about Netflix?

A: Netflix is different in every country but much in the way a DVD for a movie is not sold until the movie has finished its theatrical run, Netflix can not show Heartland until it has aired on a television channel in each country. So season 7 can now be added to Netflix in Canada only, since Canada is the only country to have aired season 7. It should be added soon, although I'm not sure when. The same rule applies to all other countries where Heartland airs and where Netflix operates.

Q: Why do links to episodes of Heartland get removed from your sites?

A: They may not know it, but people who upload episodes of a television series to YouTube are doing so without the producers’ consent. As well meaning as it is it actually hampers foreign sales of these series which hasten their eventual cancellation. This is not something YouTube endorses, but it is hard for them to enforce it.

Q: Will we see a Ty and Amy wedding in Season 8?

A: Ha ha! Nice try. There are some questions that get asked numerous times that I cannot answer. Actually… I do have an answer - “We’ll just have to watch and see." You can quote me on that!

So those are some of the main questions we have been asked many times. Each Thursday I'll have a new blog post with various news, information and fun for all Heartlanders. It’s what I do, and I love doing it. I hope you enjoy the ride!

Does that take care of your questions? If I've missed any, please pop them in the comments below -- and if you see someone's question and you think you know the right answer, you're welcome to answer them as well.

Until next week I remain, as always, obediently yours.