Season 7 GIF recap: Episode 704

Posted on Sep 11, 2014

When episode 704 came on air, no one expected that Mallory would make one major decision that would change her life forever. Without further ado... a thoughtful GIF from "The Penny Drops":

I know I wasn't the only one to shed a tear for Mallory, and we'll miss Jessica Amlee on Heartland, but as I often say, unless a character dies on the show, anything is possible, and you never know if someone will return. Also in this episode, Amy & Ty work with a foal (yes, a foal!) and try to work through the weaning process. And Katie swallows a penny! (Of course, it passed... or "dropped" as you could say). What was your favourite part of the episode? Comment below! And if you're in Canada, watch episode 704 "The Penny Drops" online here on

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