Season 3 of Heartland has begun filming!

Posted on May 19, 2009

Season 3!!

On Wednesday, May 13 in a wooded area near Kananaskis country south of Calgary the cameras started rolling on the third season of Heartland. Click through for the scoop!

Cast-wise, everyone is back - and there will be a few interesting additions and guest stars over the 18 episodes that will be filmed between now and mid-December. The Heartland team is thrilled to be back making new episodes of Canada's favourite family drama, and in a way it feels as if filming had stopped only for a few weeks instead of the 5 months that have actually passed since Season 2 wrapped.

As to why we are so far from our usual filming locations, for the opening scene of episode 301 we needed to shoot in a remote area where we could shut down traffic for a couple of days, because we were staging a giant dramatic scene on a highway where...

Sorry - I almost got carried away and revealed too much. You're going to have to wait until October when the season premiere airs to learn of the drama that kicks off another exciting string of Heartland episodes!

In the photo above, taken on the first day of filming, a beaming Amber Marshall (Amy) smiles for our stills camera as she prepares to film a scene. That is Shaun Johnston, who plays Amy's grandfather Jack, to the left of Amber. Behind Shaun you can see Heartland's Costume Set Supervisor Devora Brown and on the right Joanne Preece is about to touch up Amber's makeup.