Heartland Season 13 Production Updates!

Posted on Jul 18, 2019

Happy Thursday Heartland fans!  You asked for production updates and we heard you.  

We are now more than halfway through filming of Season 13 and we have now moved on to block 4 with Chris Potter at the helm. There are plenty of big days over the next couple weeks, and Wednesday’s Fan Extra Day was the biggest of the year. While everything is going on, block 5 begins prepping on Monday with directors Dean Bennett and Kristin Lehman.

The cast and crew have also received the script for episode 1309 and are anxiously awaiting receiving the script for episode 1310. We are all just as excited to see how the season wraps up as you are!

In terms of post-production, episodes 1301 and 1302 were edited by our long-time first assistant editor Jerry Skibinsky. Those two episodes are now just about finalized, with the sound team hard at work editing dialogue, sound effects, and music. Episodes 1303 and 1304 are being edited by Kathy Weinkauf and will be picture locked by late next week.

And finally, director Eleanore Lindo is working with editor Ken Filewych on her director’s cut of Episodes 1305 and 1306. As you can see, the whole team is firing on all cylinders to get season 13 over the finish line! 

Here are two new images that you likely haven’t seen from Heartland Season 13 production... The first is Pierre Tremblay directing Amber Marshall and Graham Wardle in episode 1302 and the second is director Megan Follows behind the monitor while filming episode 1303 at the Heartland Ranch.