Season 12 Fans As Extras Day

Posted on Aug 23, 2018

UPDATE: Heartland fans are always so good at responding to these requests. Production now has more than enough of you who want to come out on Wednesday, Sept 5. More than can be accommodated. Therefore, applications are no longer being accepted. If you've applied and are being invited, you will receive full instructions via email by the end of day on Thursday . Thanks to all who applied!


A very important message to fans of Heartland who can be in the Calgary area on Wednesday, September 5:

Every year, for the past six seasons, Heartland has offered the opportunity for fans in the Calgary area to be a part of a scene. This year it is happening almost to the day of one that occurred during Season 11. Ask anyone who showed up for past Fans as Extras Days and they will tell you how much fun they are. Here are some details:

Heartland is going to need for a crowd of hundreds on Wednesday, September 5. It will be in the morning, and fans who wish to be a part of it can register to be with the crew that day and spend a few hours as part of an equestrian event crowd.

If you are interested in being a part of the scene, there are a few things you need to know in advance. Please read these before you send in an email to register.

1) Candidates will be chosen in the order their emails are received. Each email MUST include the number of persons coming and if they are children, their ages. If you want to be a part of the day, the email address for you to send your message to is

2) Babies and toddlers cannot be a part of this event, so production asks that you do not register or bring any children under the age of 6.

3) The scenes being filmed are of a competition at a show jumping venue. So, if selected, you will be asked to dress accordingly, as if you were going to Spruce Meadows in Calgary to watch an event. In other words, no cowboy hats; this is not a rodeo event.

4) You will be asked to arrive early in the morning, but not ridiculously early. The scenes to be shot will be over in a few hours and you will be wrapped by 2:00pm. It will be fun; various cast and crew will address the crowd and you will learn a lot about season 12 of Heartland and about what it takes to film the longest running one-hour drama in Canadian television history.

5) The location is just south of Calgary, not far from Spruce Meadows.

As soon as the required number has been reached production will notify those accepted. If you do not receive an email sorry, you will not be contacted.

When contacted those accepted will receive additional details, such as a photo release to fill out, dos and don'ts and of course a map to the set.

So this is a great opportunity for you to actually be a part of an episode. If you've never done it before it'll be something you'll always remember, and if you have done it before you'll remember how much fun it was, so why not do it again?

That's all for today. More Heartland information and photos next Thursday.