Heartland Season 11 Finale This Sunday

Posted on Apr 5, 2018

Alright Canada, let's get right down to it.

Though I faithfully write a blog every Thursday, and have done so for years, it's the ones ahead of a NEW episode that get the most buzz from Heartland fans, and so they should, especially this Sunday, April 8. It will be the Heartland Season 11 finale. Let me tell you a bit about it...

Titled "Naming Day," episode 1118 was directed by Dean Bennett from a script by Heather Conkie. In it, in the days leading up to baby Lyndy’s naming ceremony, the members of
the Heartland family find themselves keeping secrets from each other. Without Amy’s knowledge, Ty enlists Caleb’s help in fulfilling a long-held promise to himself. Amy works with Spartan in secret on something she hopes will make her daughter’s day truly memorable. And when Val approaches her with yet another offer, Georgie has to make an important decision as she prepares for the Fall Finale. Meanwhile, Jack comes to a startling realization and Tim gets news that he finds hard to share.

As you can tell, both by the above paragraph and by the 14 photos included in this blog, there are a whole bunch of storylines going on.

I hope you will watch it when it is broadcast by CBC across Canada in three days on Sunday, April 8 at 7:00 pm (7:30 pm in Newfoundland).

Some of you have been asking if tissues should be on hand when you are watching this season finale. I would recommend it but, being a sentimental person, I tear up when watching "Coronation Street."

Now, on one of the last days of filming, nearly one-thousand Heartland fans showed up to act as the crowd for the Fall Finale. This Saturday, I am going to put up a special blog post with various photos of the crowd. Perhaps you will spot yourself. I will put all of those photos up at a higher resolution than normal so you will get a good look. It should be fun for those of you who were a part of that big day of filming. That post will be right here, on Saturday.

And, of course, on Friday (tomorrow) the First Look at Sunday's episode will be available for all to watch.

As for this Sunday's season finale episode of Heartland, 1118, "Naming Day," I give you my BW Guarantee that you will truly enjoy it.

I will be back one week from today with a post-finale Thursday blog. Until then I shall remain, as always, obediently yours.