Season 10 news!

Posted on Apr 28, 2016

This is going to be a very short blog today, but it does have two nice photos - the one above of director Bruce McDonald sitting at the dining room table while the crew sets up a shot, and the one below of Amy and Ty riding with a scenic Alberta vista in the background. This second photo was from the eagle rescue episode of season 9.

Even though this is a short blog, I have uncovered some news concerning the first two episodes of season 10 that many of you are going to want to keep track of.

As you may be aware, Bruce McDonald (pictured above) is directing the first two episodes. Filming starts May 9 (that's in eleven days) and will take fifteen days. Here is what I have found out that I can tell you...

* Episode 10-01 (the season premiere) is titled "There Will Be Changes," and was written by series showrunner Heather Conkie.
* Episode 10-02 is titled "You Just Know," and was written by Mark Haroun.
* New character horses introduced in these episodes include Minnie, Theodore, Boone, Dawson and Percy.

Just like a human character's name, the names of all animals and the titles of each episode have to be cleared by a legal team to make sure these names are okay to use and are not in conflict with a real person/horse or a title of a work of art. When it comes to a conflict of interest I always say, "If there's no conflict there's no interest." (I crack myself up!)

So that's all the news on the upcoming season I have at the moment and I don't want you thinking that each Thursday blog is going to be lengthy, so I will sign off, but before I do I would like to remind fans in the Calgary area of a couple of things :

* Shaun Johnston is making an appearance at Symons Valley Ranch in Calgary in two days on Saturday, April 30. Full details can be found in my blog of last Thursday under item #4..

* There are not one, but two raffles selling tickets at $10 a pop, with each ticket giving you a chance to win a set visit and meet the cast and crew while you spend a day on the set of Heartland this summer. These raffles are in aid of the once badly flooded Holy Spirit Academy Elementary School in High River and also the High Country Rodeo Team. For more information please check out (once again) last Thursday's blog on this site (it's under item #2!).

So that's it for this week. Next week will be my last Thursday blog post before the production season starts. How cool is that? (Not that I have a blog going up next Thursday, but that just four days later filming starts).

Thanks for reading and hanging in here with the other die hard friends and fans of television's favourite family drama. Have a great weekend and we'll run into each other next week. Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.