Season 10 Begins Sunday on CBC

Posted on Sep 29, 2016

The long wait is over Canada! This Sunday, October 2nd, Heartland's 10th season premieres on CBC at 7:00pm across the country and at 7:30pm in Newfoundland.

Because some of you are new to watching the series on CBC let me tell you what a Thursday blog ahead of a NEW episode aims to do.

I will preview each episode and tell you a few things about it. I will try not to reveal so much that you feel the episode is being spoiled for you. I will also post some photos from the episode. Usually I post about six photos but I thought because it is the premiere of season 10 that I would give you 10 photos. Nice of me, huh?

Now you may notice there is not one photo of Amber Marshall as Amy. Don't worry; she is in the episode big time. It's just we are going to keep her appearance a bit of a secret. Once you've seen it, that ship will have sailed and I will post photos of her in all the remaining episodes.

Speaking of photos, how do you like our new masthead here? Also, please take a look at the new character photos. We still have a few more to add and that will be done shortly.

Now - on to this Sunday's brand NEW episode of Canada's longest running one-hour drama. It is episode 1001, and it is titled, "There Will Be Changes." The episode was written by Heather Conkie and was directed by Bruce McDonald.

In it, as Amy (Amber Marshall) and Ty (Graham Wardle) prepare for parenthood they work together to resolve a dangerous pregnancy issue. Meanwhile, Georgie (Alisha Newton) may be forced to give up something she loves when a demanding new extreme team coach arrives on the scene. Also, Lou (Michelle Morgan) has to decide whether she should tackle a new business venture that may take her away from Heartland. And when Jack (Shaun Johnston) and Mitch (Kevin McGarry) work together with the herd, Tim (Chris Potter) is not ready to be pushed aside. In fact, Tim is not quite ready for Mitch. Georgie and Adam (Kataem O'Connor) will also find the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary.

Yes, there are always lots of stories going on in a Heartland episode. And from the reaction and viewership the series gets, you fans would not want it any other way.

Sarah Fisher makes a guest appearance as Samantha, one of the Extreme Team girls we introduced last season. And yes, Jessica Steen returns as Lisa, and little Julia Baker is back as Katie.

I'll be watching it. How about you?

So with 3 full days until the 10th season premiere I am now going to smile and cease the countdown because we all know it's this Sunday.

Let me tell you about something happening tomorrow.

Heather Conkie, Heartland Head Writer (Showrunner) and Executive Producer, will be live on the Horse Radio Network at 7:15am Mountain Time (9:15am Eastern/6:15am Pacific). Don't worry, this will be a podcast you can listen to later. But if you want to listen live, go to the Florida based Horse Radio Network, which can be found here and click on the "Listen Live" option.

Heather will talk to the hosts who will ask her questions about Heartland and what's it like to head the team of writers on a show which deals with equine matters. It should be fun and I hope you can catch it. If you can't, I will post the podcast link later.

So Friday morning is Heather on the airwaves, Saturday is the Calgary International Film Festival Gala Celebration in downtown Calgary and Sunday? Well, I think everyone reading this knows what is happening Sunday.

Do me a favour fans. As soon as you have seen the premiere episode on Sunday night, please come back and post a comment down below. OR... go to Heartland on CBC's Facebook Page and tell us all what you thought of it. We all love reading fan's comments.

This Blog Whisperer (That would be me!) believes that this will be a most fascinating 18-episode season. It will have many amazing stories and will be very diverse in its nature. I will be catching them all. I hope you can join me for the ride.

Next week I'll return with the preview for episode 1002. Until then I remain - as always - obediently yours.