Questions Answered & Episodes Named

Posted on Nov 24, 2016

Well Friends and Fans, we’ve gone eight new season 10 episodes in a row and we have one last episode in 2016, which will be in ten days on Sunday, December 4. As you have all seen from the preview, it is going to be a dynamite episode.

So NEXT Thursday your faithful Blog Whisperer (as in me!) will be back with a lot of news, photos and info on episode 1009. That’s one week from today.

Today? Today I am going to do three things - 1) I am going to give you 10, let's make that 11 (a Blog Whisperer's dozen) never before seen production photos from season 10. 2) I am going to answer questions posted as comments on last week’s blog. I asked you for them, and so I will get to that very shortly.

But first, here are the titles to the three season 10 episodes that I have not yet revealed.

Episode 1010 is titled, “Together, and Apart.” It was written by Heather Conkie.
Episode 1017 is titled, “Dreamer.” It was written by Mark Haroun.
Episode 1018 is titled. “Greater Expectations.” It was also written by Heather Conkie.

So there you go. Or rather, there I go, keeping my word.

Before I tackle your questions I want to stress that this Sunday will NOT see a new episode of Heartland in Canada on the CBC network. Instead it will be a repeat of Heartland episode 1004. NEXT Sunday – December 4 – will see CBC broadcast the new episode 1009. Then there will be a break as CBC runs holiday and Christmas programming during the month of December.

Please don’t despair, for there will be a full half season of season 10 to go on CBC. After avoiding New Year’s Day (Jan 1) and the Golden Globes (Jan 8) Heartland will return on Sunday, January 15 with episode 1010, which will tie up all the questions that episode 1009 will leave unanswered.

And now, speaking of answering questions, here I go tackling yours from last week's blog…

Yvonne Young asks, “Is Ty coming back soon?”
And Loretta Garcia asks, “When is Ty coming back?”
A: Okay, you two are mistaking me for a Blog Whisperer who hands out spoilers. Although I do sometimes give out a little too much information sometimes that is not happening today. The answer to your questions will be revealed by watching the rest of season 10.

Anthea John-Phillip asks, “Are there any plans to have more Facebook live (or Periscope) from the cast? I've loved the ones from Amber Marshall, Graham Wardle, and Alisha Newton.”
A: Yes, they are popular and fun, so watch for more in the near future. When I know about them I will let everyone know via our various social media pages on the internet.

Dorothy Davis states, “Congratulations to the newest member of the Cowboy Hall of Fame.”
A: I’ll pass on your kudos! You also asked if we are going to see more from Mongolia. The answer to that is Oh yeah – in a big way, starting on December 4.

Angela Bryars asks, “Are we going to see season 10 in the US?"
A: Yes. But the US is one season behind. Currently there are the following networks in America that have played or are playing season 9 of Heartland – UP, Retro, Family, LeSEA, the CW Plus and (this last one is not a joke) the Heartland Network. Next year they will have the option of showing season 10 in the USA.

Shirley Penny Bates asks, “What do the cast members do when the taping of Heartland is finished for the season? Are they in other shows?"
A: Whatever they want! Like the crew, the cast are only contracted from May through December. The down time is theirs. But coincidentally, before season 10 began filming Michelle Morgan (Heartland’s Lou) acted in a Christmas Movie exclusively for Atlanta based UPtv. Titled, “The Rooftop Christmas Tree,” UP will premiere it in the United States on December 1. That’s a week from today. At this point in time it doesn’t appear it will be available to be seen in Canada.

Emma Gerrish asks, “Were Theo and Boo really twins? Or were they played by the same foal? I know twin horses are rare, so I am guessing they were not twins...”
A: Excellent guess. They were two similar looking young foals, born on the same day.

Tana Constantinou asks, “BW! We are almost in to episode TEN and still we don't know the title Name. Maybe it is the cliff hunger that you were talking about.”
A: Tana – your question helped me to decide to reveal this in today's blog!

Mary Aurand asks, “What happened to fan of the month?”
A: We’ve decided to stop making the FOTM an automatic thing. Instead, if we see a fan going over and beyond to help other fans and who are devoted to the series we will honour them in the future. The FOTM is not a draw from a database; it is judged by a jury and we want to make sure anyone who wins the title lives up to the exploits and efforts of past Fans of the Month.

Raymond Piper chants, “We want Caleb; we want Caleb.”
A: And Caleb is returning. I will not divulge personal reasons why some of the actors are not in certain episodes, but Caleb is returning. And so are others you have been asking about.

Brooks Raddatz asks “How did they film the heartland episodes A Matter of Trust in Vancouver with Georgie?”
A: As Gail replied - All Vancouver scenes were filmed in Calgary. Honest!

Randy Varnadore asks, “BW I think you mentioned awhile back that there was going to be something special going on with the music on here, since the player has been removed. Any idea what and when we will see it?”
A: No update on that but when I have one I will parade it around front and centre.

Tom Tortorice asks, “I keep wondering in real life is Graham married?”
A: Yes he is. I feel comfortable answering that because it is fairly common knowledge. I will not however answer any personal questions about the cast or crew members. That is for them to answer.

Soile Virtanen from Tampere, Finland asks, “Can we get episode titles for episodes 10, 17 and 18, please? :) Pretty please with the cherry on top?”
A: Your question contributed to me answering above. Um… do cherry trees even grow in Finland?

Trisha Faber asks, “Considering Ty was gone from several episodes last season, and is gone for several again this season, is Graham Wardle wanting to work less on Heartland ? It seems like this must be the case, as I can't see the writers really wanting to keep him out of episodes unless this is what he wants.”
A: This would be one of those personal questions I cannot answer. Just because someone is an artist, actor or celebrity it does not mean that fans get to know all personal things about him or her.

Leanna Dau of Brisbane, Australia says, “Well I would just like to thank the people for putting these photos up!!!!!!
A: You – and all fans who appreciate them are MOST welcome.

Brittany Tunshell asks, “My question for you is: What happened to the Heartland Ranch game on Facebook? I loved playing that game, I hope they make another one so I can play it.”
A: It has been dormant, hasn’t it? Let me see what is happening there.

Brooks Raddatz asks, “What is the story behind heartland books series?”
A: Lauren Brooke authored about 24 books which took place in Virginia and keyed mostly around English riding. Heartland the television series is loosely based on the book series, but as fans of both will tell you, there is today no real comparison other than the names of some of the characters. The books were published by Scholastic and have been out of print for some time. The original series were written for 12-14 year old girls, where the Heartland television series is produced for all ages.

Susan McKeegan-Guinn observes, “Where is Ty, or Graham, I mean. With he & Lou off the show so much, it looks like Heartland is coming to an end. That is inevitable -- but sure will miss the program.”
A: As I just replied, the Heartland television series is produced for all ages. There are plenty of stories to tell and there are many characters for those stories to be told by. I’ve written this before and I will again – if every episode ended with Amy and Ty standing on the porch waving at a happy client driving away with his or her now problem free horse this series would not have lasted as long as it has. Rather than be frozen in time the series has all the characters ageing and now a decade later Amy and Ty’s story is not one of young love with them breaking up and getting back together constantly. All the characters are important on the series and it is the diverse tales of them all that make it interesting for the millions who watch the series.

Autumn Angel asks, “Are Lou and Peter officially/legally divorced, or still just separated?”
A: Great question! And one that gets answered emphatically in the next two episodes.

Courtney Dueck asks, “Will Ty be back before the baby is born?”
A: Hmm – would my answering your question be a spoiler? Yeah I think it would, so…sorry!

Martha Olver asks, “Any chance that horses and/or ponies from previous episodes will return?
A: All actors – human and equine – may come back and appear on Heartland unless they have passed away.

Christina Ginn asks, “I've tired many times last week and this week to watch episode 7 and 8 and they just keep loading, and never finish loading. Haven't been able to see them at all. Help please!!!!”
A: Christina – I have nothing to do with the CBC Player other than to direct fans to it. However, I know there are dedicated people who are trying to fix each and every viewer’s problems. At the bottom of the player you will see a HELP button. Click on it and explain your problem viewing episodes and they will address your concerns. Good luck.

Whew! So that’s that then. If I didn’t answer your question it was either because it would be too much of a spoiler or else I answered it for someone else earlier in this blog.

Thanks for your questions and I hope you’ll return here one week from today on Thursday, December 1, when I blog exclusively about the upcoming episode 1009 – the next new episode of Heartland – airing on December 4.

Until then I remain – as always – obediently yours!