Q&A: Netflix, music, DVD releases, how to get on Heartland, and will Amy and Ty ever get married?

Posted on Jun 19, 2014

I’ve been having so much fun doling out information, updates, pictures and puzzles that I realized it's been a while since I answered a lot of your questions here.

Like me, some of you have seen these questions (and answers) before. However, the important thing to keep in mind is that Heartland continues to gain fans every day; not only ones who've recently discovered television’s favourite family drama, but regular fans who've just realized that they can follow the show on Facebook, Twitter and Vine. And so, I see lots of questions that I've answered many times before. But today, I'll answer a few of these -- and hopefully a couple new ones!!!

So, except for some behind-the-scenes season 7 photos below, most of which you've never seen before, I'm devoting the remainder of today’s blog to answering questions that popped up all over the place. I figure for every person asking a question there's a whole bunch of you probably wondering the same thing.

Oh, and by the way, I know there's a lot of happy American Heartlanders out there right now who watch UPtv because of what happened last night. (Canadian fans who've already seen episode 609 - Great Expectations know what I'm talking about!)

So... where was I? Oh yes; question answering time -

From Twitter:

Keitha Brock asks, How many seasons are there of the show?

Heartland is currently filming its 8th. The first season had 13 episodes, and each following season has had 18. So that is 7 x 18 = 126 + 13 = 139 episodes by the end of this season (Not bad, huh?). If you're in Canada, you can watch every single episode of Heartland online here on the CBC.ca/Heartland website!

Stephanie asks, Can you please tell me what the song is called in season 7 at the end of episode 16? I couldn’t find it.

Sure, Steph, it’s a song by Ryan Peters called, “We Live, We Love, We Grow.” And you know, if you ever again wonder about a song on Heartland you can click the music tab at the top of this page and not only is the CBC Heartland Music Player available, but if you scroll down you can find out all the songs listed in any episode.

Marissa Frye asks, When will seasons 6 and 7 come out on Netflix.

Unless I know what country you're from, that's a tough question, as Netflix operates in 41 countries, and each one offers a different slate of programs for customers to watch. The general rule is that once Heartland has aired on its main (first-window) broadcaster, it will soon after be added to Netflix. For example, season 7 aired on CBC in Canada in April, and in May season 7 was added to Netflix Canada. In the US, season 5 was recently added to Netflix USA, but season 6 cannot be added until UPtv has aired it, and currently they're half-way through Heartland’s 6th.

Jillian Mayer tweeted, Thanks for the follow! Super stoked u followed me.

And thank you for following the Twitter account, Jillian! I figure that if you're following @Heartlandoncbc you're a fan, so I'll follow you back. Of course, many people follow Heartland every day, so if I don't follow you back right away, don't worry about it -- I'll get to you soon!

From Vine:

Amanda Frayne asks, When is season 7 coming out on DVD???

I don’t have a firm date on this right now, but in the past the good folks at eOne have timed the DVD release of a season to coincide with the broadcast of the following season on CBC... which, er... I don’t really have a firm date on that either, but expect both to happen in late September or early October.

Jade asks, How do people get on Heartland? I want to be on it.

Outside of the very, very rare events where fans are invited to be extras, Heartland only employs professional actors, and as well, almost every one who has had a role on the series is Canadian.

Callie Campbell asks, Can you please do another Vine with Graham and Amber please?

Thank you!!! Well Callie, because you are so polite I'll see if I can get them together on set for an upcoming Vine soon.

From Facebook:

Kevin Wall asks, Will someone let me know whether or not Ty and Amy get married?

If you think for a moment I'll reveal this info any time ahead of when it should be revealed... then you have mistaken me for a very dumb Blog Whisperer!!! (Hahaha!). After all, you'd much rather watch and find out, wouldn't you?

Jamie Henry asks, When does the new season come out?

I kind of answered this above but because I see this question so many times I'll repeat myself. Heartland’s 8th season will premiere either at the end of September or in early October. As soon as I know the exact date I'll let everyone know.

Geegee Pap wrote, Bring back Mallory.

Like this question, there are many requests to see actors on the show who may have left Heartland. Neither the series nor the CBC owns the exclusive rights to the actors, unlike the old studio days in Hollywood, so sometimes people move on to something else and the show adapts. For example, Jessica Amlee, who we all loved as Mallory has moved to California to further her education and her career. Also, there may be many reasons why an actor cannot return; Tatiana Maslany, who played Kit, is now the star of Orphan Black. Stephen Amell, who played Nick Harwell, now is the star of Arrow. Sometimes in these situations, the writers don't have a blank canvas; sometimes they have to adjust the stories because of the availability of the cast.

Horse Girlie asks, Are you going to have another large crowd scene that fans can come to?

Not this season, but if there are future seasons it's something that production could certainly look at. (By the way, if y’all have not seen the short film about how much fun the 500 fans as extras had last Tuesday, watch it here - http://bit.ly/HLS8_01)

On this Official Heartland Blog

Tony 2152 asks, Any Cindy Busby sightings?

I've seen that Cindy has tweeted that she doesn't think she'll be in season 8, but I don't have any more info beyond that.

Heartland 101 asks, Why the rodeo scenes (on the 500 extras day)

It'd be pretty hard to keep that a secret, so here you go: Jack and Tim are teaming up in a competition of rodeo legends. Guess who they are up against? Lisa's first husband - Dan Hartfield.

Volley babe asks, Are they ever going to bring back Shane to the show?

Good question and I'm afraid I don't know. What I do know is that unless someone has died - Brad, Pegasus or Levon Hanley - you can never count them out from coming back to Heartland.

Heartland fan writes, My guess is that Victoria Pratt will have something to do with Ty and Amy and mess with their relationship.

I'm not giving anything away here... I'm just stopping speculation from going in that direction. As in nope, that's not going to happen. Casey, as played by Victoria Pratt, is going to be a fun addition on Heartland. She won't be messing with Ty and Amy!

Cloud Dancing speculates, Victoria Pratt (Casey) will be the “home wrecker” between Lou and Peter’s marriage.

Wow! Can't have a good looking addition to the cast without something sinister going on, huh? (LOL) Read my same answer to the above question, as in nope, that's not going to happen either. But I love reading all the speculation!!

So that’s it for this week. I'll answer more questions soon (and I will, promise!). Now, enjoy some photos you probably haven't seen, and I’ll be back on Tuesday and Thursday with my regular blogs. In the meanwhile I remain, as always, obediently yours.