Production almost at full steam

Posted on May 26, 2016

Block 1 is nearly in the proverbial books. As I write this day 13 is over half way complete, meaning there are only two more days of production - tomorrow and Monday, and then Tuesday will see the start (Day 1) of block 2. When that happens then everything will be in full swing, for post production will have started on block 1, both teams of editors will be working with shot footage and block 3 will be in prep.

As for block 3, I was told episode 1005 can't have its title released, but I do have some information on episode 1006. That episode is written by Bonnie Fairweather and is titled, "The Green-Eyed Monster." I don't even want to speculate what a title like that means, so I will leave all the guesswork to you.

The photo at the top of the blog might look unfamiliar until you notice what is in the window, and then you will recognize the stained glass horses that hang in the window of the mudroom of the ranch house. This is a photograph at the studio, showing how the set is lit to make it look like it is a bright sunny day outside when scenes in the kitchen are filmed. Cool, huh?

I don't have a lot for you today, but I do have three things I want to tell you -

1) Amber Marshall in Grande Prairie!

Amber will be making her first-ever appearance at the Grande Prairie Stompede (NOY a typo!) in Grande Prairie, Alberta this Saturday and Sunday (May 28 and 29). There is a wide variety of ways fans can see and meet Amber: Luncheons with Amber as Keynote Speaker, Skybox Appearances during the Rodeo, Q&A with Amber on Horseback and a Fan Signing. More info can be found at

2) If you are in the High River area we still have some raffle tickets left for the June 8 draw which will see some lucky fans win an assortment of prizes, including a set visit and DVDs and posters. Tickets are $10.00 and proceeds are going to the Holy Spirit Academy - a school in High River that was severely damaged by the floods of 2013. If you are in Calgary this is an added reason to visit the Museum of the Highwood, located one block away from Maggie's Diner in High River. Besides the Heartland display and the Heartland souvenirs the museum also sells the raffle tickets.

3) And I do this every so often and I am about to do it again. Next week will be FAN QUESTION ANSWERING TIME. If you have a question please post in in the comments section below and I will do my best to answer it in next Thursday's blog.

That's it for this week. I'll be back next Thursday, as always. Until then I remain your faithful and obedient Blog Whisperer.