Pictures, more pictures and a little something special

Posted on Mar 31, 2016

It's the last day of March and I know some of you... well, a LOT of you - are suffering Heartland withdrawal, so I thought I would give you 10 production photos from season 9.

The good news is that starting May 9 the cameras will start rolling on the set of season 10, so I will have more photos then. In the meanwhile I hope you enjoy looking at these photos. Many of you will be able to tell which episodes they were from.

Now for the "Something Special."

Often Heartland gets asked if production ever has visitors allowed on set. Mostly the answer is "no," because filming is difficult enough and if there constantly were fans around it would be disruptive. Exceptions are made for Make-A-Wish Foundation children, whose wish is to meet the cast of the series.

However, in addition, every year Heartland donates a few visits, each for a group/family of 4 to not-for-profit organizations who can use them as fundraisers to help generate money for their organization or cause.

Many organizations have benefited from being able to auction or raffle off the set visit, and this year production wants to specifically help three new not-for-profit organizations; namely those dedicated to helping horses.

So, are you (or do you know of such an organization?) If so, you can apply anytime up to next Friday - April 8, 2016. Here is what you need to know...

Heartland is looking for not-for-profit organizations that could use a Heartland prize package to raise funds for their organization or cause.

The prize package would include a day on the set for four people (1 must be an adult) during the filming of season 10; watching scenes being shot, meeting the cast when they are not needed, getting autographs, taking photographs and staying for lunch with the cast & crew. Also included will be season 8 & 9 Heartland DVD sets, and a full size poster of the series, autographed by the main cast.

If your organization is interested, send an email to . Please note the following -

  1. Only Not-For-Profit Organizations whose primary mandate is helping horses are eligible.
  2. A total of three set visits will be awarded.
  3. Applicants must detail how they are going to use the Heartland prize package to raise funds. NOTE: Heartland will help promote these on its social media pages.
  4. 100% of all monies raised must go directly to the cause.
  5. The deadline to apply is midnight, Friday, April 8, 2016. All eligible submissions received before then will be considered; none will be awarded on a first-come basis.
  6. Only submissions received at will be considered.
  7. The awarding of the three prize packages will be done by an independent judging panel. All factors will be taken into account, but only three can be awarded.
  8. Only the three successful submissions will be contacted, and they will be done so by April 30. If you are not contacted you were not selected.

In the past as much as $10,000.00 has been raised by organizations auctioning similar prize packages. Here's hoping the successful organizations can match or exceed that.


I will be back with more Heartland news next Thursday. Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.