Photos, Rosie nominations and a set visit auction in Calgary

Posted on Apr 23, 2015

Two weeks ago I promised you some production photos from Heartland’s recently concluded season 8, and so here they are for you to see this week.

Whenever I look at these I am amazed at how a quiet moment between two actors, like Lou (Michelle Morgan) and Peter (Gabriel Hogan) must be tough to film. A lot of people who don’t have a clue will say about some actors, “Oh they’re just playing themselves.” Me? I would love to see them “playing themselves” with all the crew and equipment surrounding them. Sometimes the cameras are mere inches away from their faces when the scenes are being shot.

Anyway, it sure looks way different from the final product that you see when you watch the episodes. I have to say the actors on television’s favourite family series do a really good job. They have to, or else we wouldn’t be going into a ninth season, no?

And that ninth season is already upon us, from a production standpoint. Jamie Paul Rock is arriving in Calgary today to produce his third consecutive season of Heartland, and the production office will open full time on Monday. The first day of principal photography will be on May 19.

How exciting is that? (You don’t need to answer; I know it is ‘very’)

So yesterday the 41st Rosie (Alberta Film & Television Awards) nominations came out and Heartland has seven finalists this year. Congratulations to:

Tom Cox and Jordy Randall from SEVEN/24 Films. As executive producers on the series they are finalists in the Best Dramatic Series category,
Dean Bennett (Best Director Over 30 Minutes), for his direction of the “Heart of a River” episode.
Shaun Johnston (Best Performance by an Alberta Actor), for his performance in the “Be Careful What You Wish For” episode,
Mark Haroun (Best Screenwriter, Drama Over 30 Minutes), for the screenplay to the “Broken Heartland” episode,
Craig Wrobleski (Best Cinematographer, Drama Over 30 Minutes), for the “Secrets and Lies” episode,
George Tarrant, Jesse Sanderson and Les Pahl (Best Overall Sound, Drama Over 30 Minutes), for “The Heart of a River” episode, and
Jordy Randall and Scott Lepp (Best Cross-Platform or Trans-Media Production), for producing the Heartland Companion App.

The Rosies will be presented on Saturday, May 23. To be eligible for the awards you have to be an Albertan. To see who and what productions the nominees from Heartland are up against, go to

Now on a completely different note, if you are in Calgary tomorrow evening, there's a fundraiser for a teenager named Savannah, who is suffering from anorexia and is in need of expensive medical therapy.

At 6:00pm at Nicastro’s Public House, which is located at - 2820 Centre Street NE in Calgary there will be entertainment, a silent auction and a 50/50 draw. Heartland has donated a family set visit, autographed poster and season 7 DVD that will be auctioned off.

I'm also told that there are many other interesting items available in the auction with all proceeds going to help Savannah. There's a $25 door charge, and I just learned that there is a $2,500 reserve bid on the Heartland lot, so it looks like the set visit will help raise money for the cause. Here’s hoping the night is a big success.

That’s all I have for you for this week, but I’ll be back next Thursday, as I always am, with more news and photos.

Enjoy the weather, have fun and until next week I remain, as always, obediently yours.