Photos and Episode Titles

Posted on May 19, 2016

Today on set the second half of block 1 (episodes 1001 and 1002) is being shot in a riding arena, but you already know that if you follow us on Heartland on CBC's Twitter account. On last week's blog I explained how the filming process works as far as blocks and scheduling goes.

Today's blog is going to be short - text-wise - but contains great content and has me fulfilling two of my promises to you Heartlanders -

PROMISE 1) Each Thursday will contain at least one photo you have never seen before.

If I do say so myself, I am knocking this one out of the park today with a bunch of unseen photos from season 9.

At the top of this page is a nice photo of Michelle Morgan, Alisha Newton and Julia Baker - Lou, Georgie and Katie. Heartland's trusty photographer - Andrew Bako - caught this great little family shot.

These next three photos were taken in Peter's apartment in Vancouver where Georgie ran away to. One shows what the cameraman sees, the other is a unit photo from the same scene and I love the last one which has eight crew members getting set up to film. Notice how no one is looking in the same direction.


Sticking with the theme of Lou, Georgie and Katie, here is a production shot of director Bruce McDonald blocking a picnic shot by the pond, followed by a photograph of the ladies having their picnic.

And here are two great production photos from season 9; I bet some of you find it hard to believe how many crew are involved!

And lastly, here are Heartland's wranglers, lined up during the filming of last year's cattle drive. This is a great seasoned team of experienced horse pros.

So I thought you'd like these photos. Every week on Thursday I will haul out more unseen gems for you to enjoy.

PROMISE 2) The titles and authors of Heartland's block 2 episodes.

On Tuesday May 31 Eleanore Lindo will start directing the first day of the second block of fifteen days that will comprise the filming days of episodes 1003 and 1004. I am happy to reveal this information about those episodes -

EPISODE 1003 is titled, "New Kid in Town," and was written by Ken Craw.

EPISODE 1004 is titled, "New Horizons," and was written by Heather Conkie.

You'll notice both episodes start with the word "NEW." That is because there is a bunch of stuff happening no one has ever seen on Heartland before: Episode 1003 will introduce the new character I have mentioned before, and Episode 1004 will send the series on a previously unseen path. How's THAT for a tease?

If you are wondering when will we see photos from set showing a pregnant Amy, know that production has to keep SOME things under wrap, and that is one of them.

Don't worry - as the production days roll by I will have lots more for you all to look at and read, starting next week! Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.