Photos and a Different Trailer

Posted on Feb 8, 2018

As I mentioned earlier on one of our social media platforms, being a fan of Heartland means learning to be patient. After kicking off the season last fall with 9 episodes in 10 weeks, the string of consecutive new episodes came to an abrupt end when episode 1109 aired on December 3rd. The following new episode premiered five weeks later, on January 7. This season, Episode 1110 was the first of 5 consecutive new episodes, ending this past Sunday when episode 1114 premiered.

And now we have another 4 Sundays with no Heartland episodes in the series' usual time slot of 7:00pm (7:30pm in Newfoundland). This same thing happened in 2014 and also in 2010 when CBC had the broadcast rights for the Winter Olympic Games.

This year, Pyeongchang, South Korea is hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics. Once again, CBC is hoping to provide the best coverage possible for three whole weeks. During this time there will be very few new programs other than news; there will be no Heartland, Murdoch Mysteries or even Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday night. The following Sunday is the 90th Academy Awards on March 4th. Although many of you would rather watch Heartland, it would not be smart to go head to head against it, so those who want to watch the Oscars can do so and not miss a new episode of Heartland

The next new episode of Heartland (1115) will premiere on Sunday, March 11. So mark your calendars, Friends & Fans, for there are only four more episodes left in Season 11, and it is going to end with a flourish.

Today I have posted a mixed bag of production and scenic photos from the last four episodes. There are no cast in them except for Jessica Steen and Ruby, no - Emmanuella, no Ruby, no... oh well - one of the Spencer twins! This way I've not given away any spoilers, but I have come up with 14 photos you've not seen before. And one is a close up of a of some of the fans who participated in the second Fans as Extras Day for the season finale. You might see yourself in it and, if not, there will be plenty of other crowd photos in the future from that day of filming.

Now, I seemed to have caused a stir and for some of you a bit of panic on Twitter and Facebook when I announced yesterday that the classic Heartland horse trailer seen in Heartland's first decade was being auctioned this Saturday (February 10) by Regal Auctions in Calgary. Click here to see the lot description and info on the auction, which will allow online bidding. I'll also address common questions we've received here...

1) Production is selling the trailer because it is no longer being used on the series. Supposedly it was heavily damaged in episode 1009, but it was jacked up from behind and the art department only made it look as if it was badly beaten up when, in fact, it wasn't.

2) The vehicle is roadworthy, but it's not just being sold as a horse trailer; it's being sold as the iconic horse trailer from the series. The Heartland logo is large and visible on the back door of the rig.

3) If there is a season 12 - and at this point in time we do not know if there will be, but initial signs are positive - the ranch will need a new trailer. It's 2018, and that trailer was a 1999 model. Just as the cast don't wear their wardrobe from season 1 it's time to upgrade the horse trailer as well.

4) This is not in the lot description, but the successful bidder will also receive a certificate of authenticity, high resolution digital images of the trailer in scenes from Heartland and a full size poster of the series, autographed by the main cast (See? It's worth your while to read the Thursday blog!).

So that's it for this week. Next Thursday I will answer your questions as it's time for another ABWA (Ask Blog Whisperer Anything). You have from now until Sunday night to ask one question only, so make it a good one, in the comments section below. I will answer as many as I can, in order, skipping duplicate questions.

Go Canada Go! I hope you will join me watching some of the Olympic events on CBC. That, along with answering your questions is what I'll be doing until my next blog one week from today. Until then I remain, as always - obediently yours.