Part 3 of Your Questions Answered

Posted on Aug 27, 2015

Before I jump back into the answering of your questions from earlier this month there are three issues I wish to address.

First, the TV-eh auction, where you could bid for seasons 1 through 7 of Heartland and the wedding episode (818) script, autographed by Head Writer Heather Conkie and Amber Marshall and Graham Wardle, is ending tomorrow. It is up to $800.00 as I write this, so I know this is getting up there, but it is for a good cause (Kid’s Help Phone). And because I am the nice Blog Whisperer I am, I have talked the producers into throwing in season 8’s DVD package and an 8”x10” autographed by the main cast.

So once again, here is the link -

Now the second issue; it is with disappointment I must confirm that UP – Heartland’s exclusive United States broadcaster – will no longer be carrying the series. It is unfortunate, and the decision is entirely theirs and you are free to make comments on their social media pages. This is the Heartland on CBC official website and because I do not have all the information I cannot comment. I can say that the US sales agent for Heartland is looking for ways that future seasons of television’s favourite family drama can be watched in the States. As soon as some information is available I will let everyone know in here.

I should add that I know some fans are asking that CBC allow US fans to allow the series to be streamed so Americans as well as Canadians can watch in on this site. As I have written before, CBC cannot allow its programs to be streamed outside of Canada; they do not have permission to do this.

Now the third issue is WAY more fun. Graham Wardle (The guy we know as Ty) is embarking on his annual Cruise With a Cause motorcycle trip, where he will be accompanied by some fellow Heartland cast members. In fact, they are making an appearance tomorrow in Calgary. For details on this year’s charity run, go to

Now where was I? Oh yes – back to answering questions!

Rain asks, “I was wondering when season 8 will be out on DVD?”

A: Well, Heartland’s 9th season starts on Sunday, October 4, so you can be sure that season 8’s DVD set will be out right around then.

Syndi asks, “Why were Ty’s parents not at the wedding?”

A: Not 100% sure, but I am guessing the actors who play Ty’s parents (Mother and Step-Father to be exact) were working on other projects and were unavailable.

Alex asks, “My question: How do the cast and crew members continue to embrace the show and its creativeness over the span of years and multiple seasons, especially regarding enthusiasm and motivation to make Heartland the family show that it is?”

A: It starts with Heartland’s Showrunner and head writer Heather Conkie who cares very deeply about the stories told in Heartland. It is almost as if the characters were her own children. This attitude is contagious and is picked up by the other writers and the cast and crew. Everyone working in the industry works hard to make sure they do the best they can, but Heartland is special; thanks for noticing!

LesCline commented, “BW I just want to take a moment to thank you for keeping the fans of Heartland informed on what is happening, both on set and off. Keep it up. Short and sweet is not a bad thing.”

A: You are welcome, but sometimes tall and sour is called for!

Anistyn asks, “Can you get seasons 6 and 7 up on Netflix?”

A: In Canada season 8 is on Netflix. We have no control or influence over Netflix in any other country. Please address Netflix directly.

Pete Pischl asks, “Hi BW, my question pertains to EP 811. In the scenes b/t Amy and Tanner Gunn, I noticed a barn that was black w/white trim. The same color as Amber & Shawns’ barn in their wedding video. MY QUESTION IS, were the scenes shot on Amber and Shawns’ actual property?”

A: Heartland has never filmed on any actor’s private property, so no.

Anne asks, “In season 8, shortly after Ty and Amy get back together, they begin their road trip to MT, they stop at a lake and take the horses out for a ride. They take their horses through the water up to their legs and after this the truck gets stolen by the teenage girl...where is that spot with the lake?”

A: That was filmed in and around Barrier Lake in Kananaskis Provincial Park, which is between Calgary and Canmore. It really is beautiful.

Isabella Wilshusen asks, “I was just wondering if there is any talk about if Mallory is going to come back this season? I really miss her sense of humour around heartland. Just would like to know how she is doing and what’s happening?

A: Many of you ask this, so I’ll answer it again. Jessica Amlee, the talented actress who played Mallory has left the series to advance her acting career. She is getting rave reviews in a television movie she just appeared in. Everyone at Heartland loves her and I will never rule out a return, but it will not happen in season 9.

Doug Whitfield asks, “my Question is will the cast of Heartland have a ball game with the cast of Hell on Wheels this summer?”

A: The timing did not work out this year, so unfortunately no. But next year if Heartland returns they may be looking for an opponent.

Tallee 1958 asks, “I was wonder since some of the cast members of Murdoch Mysteries have been on Heartland are we going to see some of the Heartland cast visit Murdoch Mysteries?”

A: That’s a great question. I am putting it here so perhaps someone producing the shows will see it and act upon it.

Floridafans asks, “I love the music played in "Heartland!" I know you can play the music on line but is there or will there soon be a cd or dvd available of the music?”

A: There are no plans to make a CD or DVD of the music from the series. Honestly, where would you start?

Dorrie Andrade asks, “When will season 8 be out on DVD in the US?

A: That will be a long time from now; better to wait until October and buy it from when it goes on sale in Canada.

#1 Heartland Fan asks me (gulp!) “What is your favourite part about blogging for Heartland?”

A: I am truly moved by the thousands of fans who love Heartland so very much. Being able to keep them informed and to answer their questions so they feel more connected to the series warms the cockles of my heart, and there’s nothing better than warm cockles.

Supergirl asks, “Anything you can spoil about the upcoming season?”

A: No. Oh wait – Ty and Amy are not having a baby.

Kimberly Reynolds asks, “They said it was going to be a bumpy ride this season, haven't Amy and Ty been through enough in season 8?”

A: It’s not necessarily Amy and Ty who will be going over the bumps!

And in general I am going to answer a bunch of questions by saying my tried and true (as opposed to tired and true) TRUST THE WRITERS! There is a distinct method in the writers’ madness. They have steered the good ship Heartland this far; let’s see how much further it will go.

So that’s it for now. It was fun writing responses to your questions but now my fingertips are tired so I must bid you all a fond farewell. Even though production is on a one week hiatus I will be back next Thursday with more information for Heartlanders, wherever you may be.

Until then I will remain, as always, obediently yours.