One Month Until “Action!”

Posted on Apr 7, 2016

That's right, on May 9th, exactly one month from this Saturday, the cameras will start rolling on Season 10 of Heartland. Then I should have all sorts of interesting photos and news to share with you.

It was tough getting any information for you this week. I can't even learn the name of the premiere episode. By the way, we are up to four digits now; the premiere episode of the 10th season will be episode 1001 - the season number followed by the two digit episode number. So the season finale will be episode 1018.

Although I don't know a lot about the first two episodes I can tell you who will be yelling, "Action!" I am pleased to announce that Bruce McDonald will be back to direct the first block (2 episodes) of season 10. Bruce directed the first two episodes of season 9, as well as episodes 909 and 910. I've posted a photo of Bruce from last year on set at the top of this page.

If you've been following the series on Facebook and/or on Twitter you'll know the weather has been extraordinarily nice in the Calgary-High River-Millarville area where the series is filmed. And I will go into a little detail on that, because every day the series gains new followers on its social media pages, including the Official Instagram and many ask exactly where Heartland is filmed.

There are primarily four locations where Heartland is filmed - the ranch set, the dude ranch set, Maggie's Diner set and the studio where the interiors are filmed.

I'll start with the last one first. The studio is located in Calgary and it contains the interior sets of the ranch house, the barn, including the loft, and the veterinary clinic. Prior to last season all loft scenes were filmed in the actual loft above the barn on the ranch set. In season 9 the construction scenes were shot at the ranch set, but the finished loft where Am and Ty now live are all filmed in the studio.

The ranch set and the dude ranch set are on different properties in Millarville, which is about a twenty minute drive south west of the City of Calgary. Both of these, as well as the nearby Ty/Caleb/Mitch trailer lot are all on private property. The production company does not own these and only uses them on days when filming is taking place. Note: the main cabin at the dude ranch is completely dressed and is the one interior set not located at the studio, except for...

Maggie's Diner. Located in downtown High River. Maggie's is the one set that visitors can drop by and take photos of. It is not a working restaurant; it is only a set of Heartland's so the doors are locked, but many fans still drop by to see it. Note: if you do so, make sure you visit the Museum of the Highwood, which is located only a block away. A great museum, they have a nice Heartland display which fans would enjoy.

I hope that helps explain where Heartland is mostly filmed. There are dozens of other locations the series uses, but that pretty well covers the main locations.

Anyway, I don't have much else this week, other than to remind not-for-profit equine groups: if you are interested in applying for a set visit donation, please see last Thursday's blog for full details. The deadline for applying is tomorrow.

Next week I am going to have something interesting regarding the Fan of the Month, which I award on the first Wednesday of each and every month.

Until next Thursday then I will remain, as always, obediently yours.