Next New Episode? One Month from Today

Posted on Dec 12, 2013

In exactly 31 days we'll find out what happened to Amy. In the meantime, your faithful Blog Whisperer will try to keep you engaged.

Well, as I'm sure most of you know, when we last saw Amy Fleming she had received a blow to the head and was at the very least concussed and travelling by a S.T.A.R.S Air Ambulance helicopter to a hospital. In exactly one month (31 days), on Sunday January 12 at 7:00pm (7:30pm in Newfoundland) we'll find out what happens next. Now 31 days is a hair over 4 weeks. Considering we all had to wait over 4 MONTHS to learn Jack's condition from the end of Season 6 until the Season 7 premiere I think we can apply a little patience.

Besides, although it is 31 days until Episode 710 airs, it is also 13 days until Christmas, and 20 days until the beginning of a whole new year. So between Yuletide and family and being away from school and work for most of us, it should be a fun time to wait. As you know, all of season 7 has been shot and I hope you will agree with me, when I write that it's going to take a few interesting dips and curves as it winds its way to season's end.

A lot of you are starting to ask the question, "Will there be any more seasons after Season 7?" To tell you the truth, I'm asking that a bit myself. I looked in the classified ads under 'Blog Whisperer needed' and there aren't many opportunities at this time of year. I'm having such a blast doing this for Heartland that I'm hoping there will be a Season 8. Will there be? I honestly have no idea.

I can tell you however that the audience numbers are up from Season 6, which was higher than Season 5. Audience numbers aren't the only determining factor, but they're important, so that's one good sign. Let's all cross our fingers. As I often write, as soon as I know, YOU will know. This is the prime spot to get information about Canada's favourite family series, and that is going to continue. :)

You know, another great way to get information on Heartland is the dynamite Companion app that is new to the series this season. Every week there is a wealth of new Heartland information that allows you to learn new things about Heartland, from the layout of the ranch to reading Amy's Journal, plus much more. You can also watch all of the episodes from Season 7 so far whenever you want, as well as previews for the next episode. And this is when there is no new episode on your television. When that is happening and there is a new episode on CBC-TV (next time Sunday, January 12) the Heartland Companion App lives up to its name with tons of added info, all coming your way while Heartland is broadcasting. It's a major OMG and if you have not yet downloaded it and tried it out, it is - as always - free on the App Store. Check it out and see why I am obsessed with having you download it. Two words - It's FUN!

So then, all the cast and crew are in the process of dispersing and going back to their homes - wherever they may be. For some - specifically the native Ontarians - they will be glad to escape the extreme cold spells this province gets. (Did you know that one day last week Manning, Alberta - which boasts some die hard Heartland fans - was the coldest place ON EARTH???!!!) That cold weather is gone, from Calgary as well as Manning, so for the production crew and the editors (who threw a great year end bash yesterday afternoon), for the writers the art department, the costume department and the producer, it is wind down time.

Soon everyone will be home with their families and friends, and that is the way it should be, no? Me? I too am relaxing as well this festive season, but I will be back next Thursday and the following Thursdays as well with more news and photos. I'm that kind of Blog Whisperer.

Speaking of photos, here are some more from last week's Episode 709. I think we all agree that Prince Ahmed, played by Jade Hassoune, is nicer than when we first met him. And sadly I think we also all agree that his former lead groom Adrian, played by Shaun Benson, is not as nice as when we last saw him. You'll also see two production photos - one with director Dean Bennett talking through a scene with Jade and Shaun, and one with Dean (left) and Director of Photography Craig Wrobleski (right) watching a monitor. I hope you enjoy these.

And, a little late breaking news - I also want to extend huge congratulations from everyone connected with Heartland to Tatiana Maslany, who we all remember from earlier seasons as Caleb's friend and Ty's past girlfriend Kit Bailey. This morning it was announced that Tatiana has received a Golden Globe nomination in the category of Best Performance By an Actress in a Television Series - Drama, for her performance in the series "Orphan Black." Way to go Tat!!! That's all from me today. As I have written, I will be back next week with more fun and photos.

Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.