NEW this Sunday on CBC: Sound of Silence

Posted on Feb 2, 2017

Yesterday we sprung our surprise news that Jessica Amlee is returning to Heartland as Mallory Wells in episode 1013: "Home Sweet Home." All together for those of you who missed it - "OMG: Yay!"

These days I find that I'm just full of surprises, as you'll discover when you continue to read today's blog.

But first, the most important matter at hand is the good news that this Sunday there is a NEW season 10 episode airing on CBC. And yes, somewhere in another country there is some football game happening but after being preempted last week Heartland is not about to go two weeks in a row without a new episode. That means episode 1012: "Sound of Silence" will premiere at the usual time of 7:00pm / 7:30pm NT.That's in three days, on Sunday, February 5.

Written by Ken Craw and directed by Norma Bailey, this Sunday's episode is one of the more dramatic ones this season. It is also the one where 800 wonderful fans came out for a day in late September and sat in the stands, becoming a crowd in the episode. I have included a couple of photos of some of you who came out. Production would like to once again thank those of you who did and so I am doing that right now.

As for what you can expect in Sunday's new episode - tragedy strikes, and Amy and Georgie work together to help Tim’s traumatized barrelracing horse. Meanwhile, Jack helps Tim, Casey, and the entire rodeo community pull through a devastating loss. And Jade gets her permit to compete in the pros but quickly gets pulled into the party lifestyle of that world. Yes, lessons are taught and learned.

As usual there is some humour, but there is also some pretty serious stuff coming up in the new episode. I hope you will be able to join me when it airs on Sunday.

As mentioned earlier, I included some photos to give you a taste of what you can expect. There are 11 photos. Hmmn... I seem to be posting 11 these days instead of 10. Maybe I am trying to send a subtle message to the powers that be. Heh-heh. Regardless, at the very least it gives you one more photo to look at!

Earlier I wrote about being full of surprises. Well, next Thursday - one week from today when I prep everybody for the episode where Mallory returns - I am also going to announce a little bonus for fans everywhere. Believe me, it has nothing to do with silence. The exact opposite in fact; it has to do with what many of you have enjoyed listening to when you have watched Heartland over the past decade.

More on the above next week.

I'll now leave you with the photos and once again remind you to watch the new episode coming your way this Sunday on CBC.


See you next Thursday. Until then I remain, as I always am, obediently yours.