NEW Heartland this Sunday

Posted on Oct 15, 2015

So here we are with our third Heartland Sunday in a row, meaning another new season 9 episode of everybody's favourite family drama is coming to CBC; and it's a good one!

The episode - the third of 18 that will comprise this 9th season of Heartland, was written by Ken Craw and is directed by Dean Bennett. It is titled, "Riding for a Fall," and the title applies to more than just the obvious.

You will see a lot happening. First, after enlisting Amy to help her perfect a trick to perform at an upcoming rodeo, Georgie gets pulled away by Lou and Peter who insist she focus on her schoolwork. Meanwhile, Tim coaches Jade as she prepares to enter her first rodeo, despite opposition from her mother. And Ty receives an offer from Scott that may jeopardize his work with Amy. It comes out of the blue and it forces the newlyweds to have to make a huge decision.

Speaking of newlyweds, Jack is going to have to realize that a married couple occasionally enjoys kissing, no? You'll see why I wrote this early on in Sunday's episode.

Now I know there are those of you who get annoyed at Tim, but this week I think he comes through in a big way, and does the right thing on more than one occasion.

Besides the main cast we have a few of the recurring characters appearing this Sunday, including Madison Cheeatow (Jade,) Laara Sadiq (Jade's mother, Tricia), Victoria Pratt (Casey) and - a whole bunch of Heartland fans who sat in the stands at the Millarville Race Track (I mean the Hudson Rodeo Grounds) and added a tremendous amount of atmosphere to the episode. If you were there maybe you can spot yourself; if not in the episode then maybe in one of these photos from it which i am posting as part of today's blog.

That's it! All I have today to chat to you about is this upcoming episode, which will grace television screens across Canada in three short days on Sunday (October 18) at 7:00pm (7:30pm in Newfoundland). Good news Part 1: There is no Thanksgiving dinner to get in the way of Canada watching "Riding for a Fall" this Sunday. Good News Part 2: Those comeback kids - the Toronto Blue Jays - will not be playing that day, so you can all tune in to CBC Television and enjoy this very fine episode.

Next week I'll be back with yet another episode preview - and it will be one that you will be talking about for weeks to come. Until then I shall remain, as always, obediently yours.