New Heartland episodes every Sunday in January

Posted on Jan 10, 2019

Now that Heartland season 12 has premiered, the next few episodes of the season are going to unfold quickly. In fact, there will be a new episode every Sunday this month!

The comments on the season premiere were overwhelmingly positive. The same writer and director team behind it - showrunner Heather Conkie and Chris Potter - also respectively wrote and directed episode 1202, an episode titled, "Hearts Run Free." Here are some details...

In the second episode of season 12,  Amy (Amber Marshall) and Ty (Graham Wardle) plan a romantic trip to Pike River, but Jack (Shaun Johnston) tags along to visit his old friend, Will Vernon (played by guest star Nicholas Campbell). Meanwhile, Georgie (Alisha Newton) trains hard with Phoenix to prove to a potential coach (Caroline Palmer) that they’re a great team, and Lou (Michelle Morgan) wavers on her decision regarding Maggie’s Diner in New York City. And Tim (Chris Potter) makes a spur of the moment decision causing tension between him and Jack.

It's a dramatic episode which will answer some questions posed in last week's season premiere while, at the same time, it will set up story-lines that will carry on for the remainder of the season. Below are some photos from the upcoming episode to give you a glimpse of what you can expect this Sunday.

Watch it this weekend! It's available to stream on CBC Gem and on CBC Television starting this Sunday at 7:00pm/7:30NT.

Come back next Thursday and we will have some details on the next new episode of Heartland.