New Episode Sunday: Out Of The Shadow

Posted on Jan 18, 2018

If you're a Heartland fan in Canada you've got to be pleased with the fact that every Sunday in January this year brings with it a new episode of television's favourite family drama. CBC is proud to be the primary broadcaster of this series, and of course, will be showing a new episode in three days' time, this Sunday, January 21, across Canada at 7:00pm, with the country's easternmost province - Newfoundland - seeing it start at 7:30pm.

This Sunday, episode 1112: "Out of the Shadow," will premiere. It's directed by Rachel Leiterman, this time from a script by Ken Craw. In it, we see the continuation of a few story lines from last week's episode. We are going to continue to watch and be amazed at Tim's behaviour, and we are going to see Georgie do something very brave. Let me tell you a bit about it...

Struggling with personal issues, Tim rallies the family to go on another memorial ride for Marion so he can face his deepest regret. Meanwhile, Georgie is forced into making a very difficult decision when Val questions Amy’s ability to be her show jumping coach. Tim pushes Jade to accept a huge scholarship opportunity down in Texas, while Jack pushes Tim to finally be honest with Amy and Lou about his health issue. And Wyatt continues to cement his place in Georgie's good books.

As usual, we have a fair amount happening, and I think you will want to have some tissues nearby. I needed some when I watched it, but then again I am a bit of a pushover when it comes to getting my heartstrings pulled. And I know a lot of you are as well.

I've been easing into a habit a lot of you are welcoming, and that is letting you know in this Thursday blog what the final song is for each episode. I'll continue with this, by telling you the song at the end of this Sunday's episode is "Little Things," by Inland Sky. This song and indeed most of the songs from the series are available to stream on our music page.

So that's it. I've included twelve photos from "Out of the Shadow" to give you a little more in advance of Sunday's broadcast.

Watch, enjoy, and let us all know what you thought of it. And everyone, please have a good weekend as well.

You'll find me back here again in one week to tell you about the next new Heartland episode. Isn't January grand? Until then I shall remain, as I always will be, obediently yours.