New Episode on Sunday Plus a Fans Extra Day Update

Posted on Nov 16, 2017

Today on the set of Heartland it is quite cold and white; the forecast is for periods of snow and a high of only -6C. With the wind chill factored in, it will feel like -19C. I'm starting the blog with an Alberta weather update because most of the scenes today are being filmed outside. When you watch episodes 1117 and 1118 in April of next year it will be spring across Canada but these episodes will still be in their winter glory. The conditions right now are certainly nothing like the warm days Heartland usually films in, but what is being captured will be beautiful for you to see.

Unlike Los Angeles, Alberta has distinctive seasons visually. This is why each season starts in the spring and ends in the winter, or at least when it is definitely colder outside. The new episode airing this Sunday, November 19th, will showcase the warm summer that graced the prairies just a few months ago.

I will go into greater detail a little later but first, I want to give an update, which is mostly a reminder of the big day coming up next Thursday, November 23 in Calgary, when a lot of fans are going to be spending a few hours as extras playing an INDOOR crowd who are watching a jumping competition that is being filmed (I thought I would capitalize 'indoor' just to assure you that filming will not be outdoors on the day).

This is a reminder that anyone who sent the email stating that they wanted to be a part of the day prior to 1:30pm MT (Alberta time) on Thursday, November 9 has been accepted and will receive an email this upcoming Monday (November 20) with full details, along with a map and a release form which each person attending must fill out. as I mentioned, the venue will be not far from downtown Calgary, and will be along the light rapid transit (C-Train) route. It is going to be the biggest day, as far as people on set. Most of the cast will be there (read my November 2 blog for more info) and Amber Marshall will be on horseback, addressing the crowd when she is not needed in scenes. I expect other cast members may take the microphone and say a few words as well.

To those of you coming out next Thursday, production has asked me to give you a huge THANK YOU in advance. It's you who will make the scenes shot on the day look epic, and everyone is sure the day is going to rock.

Now because of the size of the crowd, coupled with the fact that the cast and crew are working that day, there will be no opportunity for one on ones with the cast members. This means there won't be time for selfies with them, autograph signing or other interaction besides them addressing you. Think of it as a concert.

If you are a Heartland fan in the London, Ontario area you could meet Shaun Johnston when he rides into town (okay, he's flying in, but it's easier to picture him on a horse, no?) next Saturday, November 25. He'll be doing a meet and greet in the afternoon and an evening with him and his guitar. It's sure to be a great day for fans of Shaun as you'll be able to see Jack Bartlett in person. Tickets are reasonably priced for both events. For more info go to and click on appearances.

Now to the big story - there will be a NEW episode of Heartland this Sunday (in three days' time!). Written by Ken Craw, it is the second of the two episodes this year that are directed by Chris Potter and this time Tim Fleming is very much involved in the storyline.

When Tim’s erratic behavior sparks concern from his loved ones, Jack becomes suspicious that there’s something else going on. And there is, but it might not be what you would first suspect. Something is surely amiss, as Jade (Madison Cheeatow) and Avery (Dana Jeffrey) are among the first to wonder what is going on. At the ranch, Amy (Amber Marshall) agrees to work with an expensive jumper, owned by Paula (guest star Kate Drummond) but the horse has its own ideas about what it wants to be. And when Ty (Graham Wardle) gets an urgent phone call he looks to Amy for help on a horse they’re both familiar with.

Then, a new arrival in Hudson (guest star Rhys Matthew Bond, playing Dylan) puts extra strain on Georgie’s (Alisha Newton) already complicated love life. It shouldn't be that complicated, but you'll join me in asking, "What's going on with Wyatt (Dempsey Bryk)?"

As usual, there are multiple stories happening this Sunday, and these 13 (Baker's dozen) photos only give you a glimpse of what will unfold when episode 1108, "Truth be Told" airs across Canada, in three days, on Sunday, November 19 at 7:00pm (7:30pm in Newfoundland).

Before I sign off I want to give you notice about the next new episde after this Sunday's new one. Next Sunday (November 26) is the Canadian Football League's final match, the Grey Cup Game, and no new Canadian show in its right mind would run against that. There will be no new episode on that Sunday. However, on the following Sunday, December 3, the Fall Finale, episode 1109, will air across the country on CBC. Half a season has come and gone very quickly, no? And yes, I just wrote "half a season," for there will be nine (9, count em) new season 11 episodes for all of Canada to watch and enjoy, beginning in early January.

That's all for now. I'll be back next week with production updates and some other goodies for you. I hope you can watch this Sunday's new episode. It sets up the rest of the season nicely. I'll certainly be watching it again.

So until one week from today I will remain, as always, obediently yours.