New Episode of Heartland This Sunday Called, “Change of Heart”

Posted on Feb 7, 2019

After a week off Heartland is back with a NEW episode this Sunday. Titled "Change of Heart," this weekend's episode was directed by Pierre Tremblay from a script by Pamela Pinch.

In it, Georgie (Alisha Newton) enlists Wyatt’s (Dempsey Bryk) help in reuniting a famous trick rider (guest star Brenda Robins) with her long-lost horse. Meanwhile, when Clint (Greg Lawson) brings Luke (Lucian-River Chauhan) back to Heartland it’s up to Amy (Amber Marshall) and Ty (Graham Wardle) to find a way to connect with him. And when Tim (Chris Potter) crosses a line at Heartland, Jack (Shaun Johnston) finally loses his patience with his new housemate. If you think it has something to do with that gigantic vehicle parked in front of the barn you're probably right. Occasional squabbles aside, "Change of Heart" is a warm and touching episode everyone will enjoy when it premieres in three days' time.

Check below for a bunch of photos from the new episode. You'll get a sneak peek and they will also remind you how nice the weather can be in Canada in July. It's something we can look forward to in the middle of the February storms most of the country has been experiencing.

Watch the next new Heartland episode on CBC Television or stream it on CBC Gem at 7:00pm/7:30NT this Sunday! Stream the first four episodes of season 12 right here.

Next Thursday this blog will be devoted to the following episode (1206) in the Heartland saga.