Posted on Oct 20, 2016

Every Thursday is blog day. Occasionally I post on this page on other weekdays, as you will learn when you read this (and if you are in Canada you may get quite excited!) but the one constant is that every Thursday I will have some news and photos for you dedicated fans of Heartland, television's favourite family drama.

Now eighteen Thursdays every year are slam dunks for me as far as getting you content, for I get to preview a NEW episode airing across Canada the following Sunday on CBC Television. And today is one of those days. Yay!

But today I also have a whole bunch of other things to tell you, including an update on season 10's titles, happenings on set and a great contest (oops,I'm kind of giving away what tomorrow's blog is about!)

So then...


As you may know, every time a writer gives their episode a title it has to go through a clearance process. The production company has a legal team that makes sure the title of each episode has not been used before in a way that would confuse the episode with some creative work that was produced before. For example, you probably could not get away with titling an episode "Amy Fleming and the Prisoner of Azkaban" or "Zootopia," though I'm not sure why you would want to.

The reason I am explaining this is because it is taking some time to secure clearance for episode 1010, which is why I have not included that in the list below. But I do know many of you like to learn the title names of each season, so here then are the episode titles - 15 of them - I can reveal so far...

  • Episode 1001 - There Will Be Changes
  • Episode 1002 - You Just Know
  • Episode 1003 - New Kid in Town
  • Episode 1004 - New Horizons (This Sunday's episode!)
  • Episode 1005 - Something to Prove
  • Episode 1006 - The Green- Eyed Monster
  • Episode 1007 - Riding Shotgun
  • Episode 1008 - Here and Now
  • Episode 1009 - A Horse with No Rider
  • Episode 1011 - Change of Course
  • Episode 1012 - Sound of Silence
  • Episode 1013 - Home Sweet Home
  • Episode 1014 - Written in the Stars
  • Episode 1015 - Forest for the Trees
  • Episode 1016 - A Long Shot


If you follow the production tweets on Heartland on CBC's Twitter Page you'll notice there have been some strange goings on. There were eight days of block 7 (episodes 1013/1014) worked, followed by two days of block 8 (episodes 1015/1016) and now production is back to block 7, which will continue to October 27, followed the next day by the third day of block 8.

It is not uncommon for days to shift within a block for various reasons - weather, a sudden loss of a location or the unavailability of certain cast or crew. This season has had its shares of obstacles which had to be cleared and a couple of them necessitated delaying block 7 for a few extra days. Because there were two days of scenes from block 8 which were able to be filmed at the studio, director Eleanore Lindo was able to get those two days done, and she will resume directing episodes 1015 and 1016 on Friday, October 28. Until then Gail Harvey, who is directing episodes 1013 and 1014, will be able to finish the last six days (including today) of her block. Hopefully there will be no additional disruptions. After all, there is only one additional block to go.

Time sure flies by, doesn't it? Soon it will be November, and with that comes...


Yes, it's being released a month later this year, but the Heartland season 9 DVD set will be available in Canada on November 1, and to celebrate this Heartland on CBC and Entertainment One are going to be giving away seven (7 - count 'em) Heartland season 9 DVD sets. And two lucky Canadians will be winning a whole lot more. Watch tomorrow's (Friday's) blog on this page for details.


Now to the most important business at hand - this Sunday's NEW episode of Heartland, which airs Sunday, October 23 at 7:00pm (7:30pm in Newfoundland). You will notice I have again included 10 photos from the fourth episode of the season. (What a good Blog Whisperer, no?)

In it, the Heartland family has to deal with difficult decisions that may have to be made. And as you might expect, some handle the deliberations better than others. Also, Georgie and Jade finally convince Tim to let them work at Maggie's Diner. We should all be happy they get those jobs, for because of that you are going to get to hear Amy sing again.

On the equine front, Casey has a barrel racing horse that has developed a reluctance to eat and Ty and Amy work together to find out what the problem is. The horse's name is Cody, and he can be seen in two of the photos I have put up for you.

This is an exciting episode. I hope you will watch it with me this Sunday - October 23 - when it airs for the first time on CBC.

I will return next Thursday with photos and a blog for the following Sunday's new episode. And of course watch for tomorrow's blog where we'll be giving away season 9 DVDs.

In the meantime I remain, as I always have, obediently yours.