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Michelle’s Behind the Scenes Heartland Diary - Vol. 5

Posted on Nov 27, 2008


Me and Kateri Cowley my perfect stunt double.

Okay it's been awhile. Did you guys enjoy the episode, Sweetheart of the Rodeo? I must say that the cast and crew had so much fun shooting it, and we were all dying to see how it would turn out, because you never really know. I mean, you read a great script, you work really hard on set, everyone puts their heads together to try and create the most interesting and creative story they can, and then you just have to walk away and hope everything will come together. In this the case of the Rodeo episode, I think that it surpassed all of our expectations.

Lately there has been some snow at Heartland, and I love how it's changed the landscape. Winter is in full swing, and we actually have less then a month of shooting left, unbelievable. It makes me sad to think that we'll all be saying our goodbyes in a month! But I promise to keep updating the blog with all kinds of fun tidbits and photos while new shows come on the air, so keep checking back in.

For now, here are some shots I took during the rodeo, as well as some candid behind the scenes photos I thought you'd dig.

Me , Graham and Amber in our rodeo gear.

Rodeo Queen Contestants. Left to Right, Steve Dimarco (director), Anna Fergusen (Mrs.Bell), Stunt Rider, Me (Lou), Cindy Busby (Ashley), Greta Onieogou (Soraya), Tatiana Maslany (Kit).

Amber in her element.

At Mrs.Bell's place.

Sugarfoot getting ready for his close-up with Ray our wrangler captain.

Graham and Shaun looking over their lines. (Don't you boys know your lines yet??)

A whole bunch of extras and even a crane. Obviously a big day on set. What's going on? Is that Grandpa?