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Michelle’s Behind the Scenes Heartland Diary - Vol. 2

Posted on Sep 26, 2008


Location:  The Dude Ranch

Hey Everyone. 

 I apologize for the delay on my Behind The Scenes Diary updates.  I must confess that I have been very busy filming the show, and on top of that I lost my camera!  But never fear, my camera has been replaced, and I will make up for lost time by adding 2 posts this week.

Today was one of the most beautiful and memorable days we have had on set so far. We were shooting at an incredible new location that will be introduced this season, The Dude Ranch! It was one of those perfect fall days, the weather was cool but warm in the sun, the leaves where all bright yellow and orange, and even when we had an afternoon rain shower the sun kept shining! There is also a surprise visitor in the episode of Heartland that we are currently shooting, I won't give away too much, but check out her stretch SUV limo....interesting.

The Dude ranch is by far my favorite set. Everything you see here has been created by our very talented crew, from the cabins to the docks and landscaping, none of this was here a few months ago.

(Photo credit: Schane Godon)
Jessica Amlee, Amber and I had a fun little photo shoot on the dock. (Photo credit: Tony Lehaye)

Suds-Cindy-And-Wanda.jpgSuds (one of our esteemed Directors), Cindy and Wanda waiting to shoot a scene.

The crew hustling to light and shoot a scene.

Stretch Limo. Who does it belong to? Grandpa Jack? Hmmm...probably not.

Getting touched up before a scene.


Amber and I went for a long walk at lunch time, just to take in the scenery and appreciate the last remaining days of warmth and sunshine, knowing full well that it will be a bitter cold winter before we know it. It has been a crazy hectic shooting schedule this block, and I appreciate any little moment of relaxation.

Graham and I have been hard at work editing my video, Hanging out on Set with Amber Marshall, and we will be posting it next week. So stay tuned!

Michelle Morgan signing out.