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Michelle’s Behind the Scenes Heartland Diary - Vol. 1

Posted on Aug 27, 2008


Hey Everyone!

Welcome to Michelle's Behind the Scenes Heartland Diary. Pretty self-explanatory. I will fill you in on what it's like to shoot Heartland, you will read it and be entertained. There will be photos and videos and of course a few hints as to what might be going on in the current episode.

Today I arrived to set early and found out that Graham (Ty), Amber (Amy, duh), Kerry (Caleb, a new character!) and Jessica (Mallory) were shooting a scene that involved a water fight. It was a scene we had all been looking forward to, and these guys had so much fun doing it. Luckily it was a nice warm day (it's often cool down at Heartland even when it's hot in the city because of the elevation). Lou was not in this scene, but that's okay because knowing those kids, if she had been she would have ended up with a big 'ol bucket of water right on her head. With the sun slowly lowering behind the Rocky Mountains, the crew hurried to set up the shot before we lost this beautiful, perfect light. Sunsets out at Heartland are indescribable, it makes people stop and stare even if they've lived out in the Alberta foothills all their lives. Amber had her hose ready, Kerry and Graham filled up their buckets with with icy cold water, and as soon as Steve Dimarco (our beloved director for this episode) yelled "Action"... well, these photos tell it better then I could.










Stay tuned for regularly updated Diary entries. Coming soon, a behind the scenes video, *On Set with Amber Marshall*. That's right! Armed with a camera I will follow Amber from when she feeds her kitty Chevy at the crack of dawn, into the hair and makeup trailer, and right onto set where she rides spartan off into the sunset, or the sunrise I suppose depending on the time of day, or maybe even just into the barn in which case she'd be leading him not riding him...you get the idea.

Bye for now, this is Michelle Morgan aka Lou Flemming aka your behind the scenes insider signing out!