Mallory’s Back, Graham’s on FB Live & Music!

Posted on Feb 9, 2017

There's not a lot going on... somewhere else! Because in Heartland's world there are many things happening.

Let me start by saying what we leaked last Wednesday: the great news that Jessica Amlee is returning as Mallory in this Sunday's new episode. It's called "Home Sweet Home" and it's airing in three days, on February 12 at 7:00pm / 7:30NT.

I'll get back to episode1013 in a short while. But first I want to tell you about a couple of exciting upcoming things. And both of them are happening today!

1) Graham Wardle - Heartland's Ty Borden - will be appearing on a Facebook LIVE session later today, at 7:00pm ET. Because it is live, please be aware of when that is in relation to you. I'll list a few examples. When it's 7:00pm in Toronto and New York it is; 4:00pm in Vancouver and Los Angeles; 5:00pm in Calgary and Denver; 6:00pm in Winnipeg and Chicago; 8:00pm in Halifax and 8:30pm in Newfoundland.

Graham is going to answer many questions, and we are expecting thousands of fans to tune in and watch him respond to them live. I hope you can do so. If not, his entire session will remain up on our Official Facebook Page. Graham enjoys having these sessions with Heartland's fans and is looking forward to speaking to everyone later today. Click the above link later and have fun!

2) Canada! I have great news for those of you who love the music you hear on Heartland. Starting today CBC Music will have a stream of nothing but the songs that are played in Heartland episodes. That's right, from the very first song ever heard in the premiere episode on season 1 ("Dreamer," by Jenn Grant) through a decade of wonderful music heard in each episode, CBC Music now has over 200 songs you have heard on Heartland, available for you to listen to. You can find it here.

Unfortunately CBC Music Streams are not available to listeners outside of Canada.

3) And a reminder for all fans in Canada. This Sunday is ALL-NEW episode 1013 (which I will go into detail on in the next paragraph), and the following Sunday - February 19 - will see another NEW episode (1014) on CBC Television. Trust me, you are going to want to catch both.

As for this Sunday's episode, everyone is thrilled that Jessica Amlee was able to find the time to play Mallory once again. As you can see from the eleven (call me the subliminal BW) photos, Mallory Wells is back in a big way.

In Sunday's episode, Mallory arrives unexpectedly at Heartland, which has Amy and Jack questioning the real reason for the surprise visit. Meanwhile, Lou is upset to learn that her future plans with Mitch may be in jeopardy. Then a confession by Adam leads Georgie to make a difficult decision. And Jack is caught in the middle when Lou and Lisa have similar thoughts when it comes to Amy's baby shower.

It's called "Home Sweet Home" and I know many of you thought this episode, written by Bonnie Fairweather and directed by Gail Harvey, might have been about something else. However I know you are going to really enjoy this one, right up to the final shot, which will have many of you yelling "No!!!" at the screen. Don't worry, it's not tear inducing. It's just that you are all going to be wanting more than ever to see the following episode. Heartland episodes tend to do that, don't they?

So there you go. It's been sixty-three (count 'em: 63) episodes since Mallory left Heartland in episode 703, which only goes to show that just because someone has been away for a while it doesn't mean they will never return. Remember that next time you think someone not around for any length of time means never returning.

I really enjoyed watching this episode and I know you are going to as well. That's this Sunday at 7:00pm / 7:30NT. But before that you've all got something going on later today, right? The man who plays some guy named Ty is going to be live on Facebook in a few hours.

And me? I'll return next Thursday with more photos and info on the next new episode. It's what I do. Inthe meantime I shall remain, as always, obediently yours.