Let’s Welcome 2018!

Posted on Dec 28, 2017

Hello Heartlanders!

Is it plagiarism if you copy yourself? I looked it up and the answer is, "Not if you acknowledge it."

It's that time of the year; both of the holidays and my final Thursday blog of 2017, so I thought I would update a previous year end blog to be in step with the present.

I'll make this very short and sweet by wishing everyone a productive, healthy and happy 2018. I've also included an unseen season 11 production photo for you to enjoy.

Here are a few tidbits for you to digest (I wrote "chew on" last time):

1) I don't yet know if there will be a 12th season of Heartland but, if there is, it will be a dozen years' worth of memories to recall starting in the fall. Remember when season 1 aired: nobody knew if there would be a second episode, let alone an eleventh season! Expect a decision in the next few months. And as soon as I know - you will know.

2) Season 11 still has 9 exciting episodes to air across Canada on CBC starting in 10 days on Sunday, January 7 when episode 1110 broadcasts at 7:00pm/7:30pm in Newfoundland. In fact, on every Sunday in January there will be a new episode of television's favourite family drama. One week from today I'll have photos and details about the following Sunday's new episode.

3) Just a thought - some recent fans might not know the way episodes are numbered. Since last season the first two digits represent the season number and the last two digits represent the episode number. Episode 1110 is the tenth episode of Season 11.

4) In the United States, Season 11 will be broadcast on UP beginning on Wednesday, February 28. On that last day of February the first two episodes will air back to back. I'm expecting a few smiles down south now, as this is more than two months ahead of when season 10 first premiered in the US in the past.

5) Because every blog and Facebook post usually receives several questions about when Netflix will be adding seasons 10 and 11 in the United States let me answer that here. Season 10 will be added next summer. No date for season 11 has been set, but it will probably be sometime in 2019. This is nothing CBC or even the producers of Heartland have any control over.

As for season 10 being added to Netflix Canada, that is up to Netflix. They are all clear to add it and why they have not done so yet is something they have not shared. Fortunately anyone in Canada can still watch any episode right here on the Heartland website.

6) Now that we've come to the end of another year, I hope you are looking forward to the new year with the same optimism that your favourite Blog Whisperer possesses.

As for me? I'll be back one week from today with a new blog all about the next NEW episode from season 11. Until then I hope you all remain safe and healthy and of course ridiculously happy. That's the way we all should be, no?

Happy New Year fans! We'll carry on in 2018. Until then I shall remain, as always, obediently yours.