Last Blog before production starts!

Posted on May 14, 2015

Well then! Time sure travels when A) You are having fun and B) You are being kept busy.

I guess it will come as no surprise that after three hard weeks of prep, season 9 of Heartland will begin filming in five (count 'em) short days.

The cast had a read through the other day and everyone is most excited to begin filming these first two episodes of the new season, which will be broadcast across Canada this fall on CBC.

For those who don't know, production films two episodes at a time over fifteen days. Day 1 is Tuesday, May 19!

Now if you look at the top and only photo in today's blog you will learn the names of the first two episodes - "Brave New World" by Heather Conkie and "Begin Again" by Mark Haroun. Director Bruce McDonald is looking forward to creating more magic for Heartlanders to enjoy!

Now I have a special treat; our Interactive Producer, Scott Lepp, was in Nanton filming the Roman Riding display for the creative team.

The horses seen are the horses who play Phoenix and Trouble, and the rider is Sally Bishop, who will be doing some riding on the series.

What is Roman Riding you might ask? Watch and learn:

Because this is the last blog before production starts I thought I'd clear up a few things about how this crazy business works.

In Canada, the CBC gets to air Heartland first. Only after a season of episodes air on CBC across Canada on Sundays at 7:00pm (7:30pm in Newfoundland) can they be made available anywhere else. In Canada this is what happens:

  • The DVDs for a season become available about a year after the season premiere; in other words, right around the time season 9 begins airing on CBC, the DVDs for season 8 will go on sale across the country.
  • In Canada Netflix will also make episodes available. They have to wait 30 days after the season finale has aired and then they can make the full season available. So expect season 8 on Netflix real soon!
  • Other television stations in Canada, such as Vision and APTN, also play older episodes of Heartland. In fact, year round you can usually find Heartland episodes airing in Canada on any given day.

So that's how Heartland is seen in Canada.

As for the rest of the world, the series is sold by an international distributor. CBC has no say on when foreign markets air Heartland, when they can sell the DVDs or when secondary broadcasters (such as Netflix) can air it.

So in the United States UP (formerly UPtv) is the primary broadcaster. Currently they are showing season 8 on Wednesday evenings.

Netflix in the US cannot stream a season until after UP allows them to. Heartland on CBC has no control over this. All I can tell you is that eventually Netflix in the USA will play every season. I just have no idea when.

Heartland is television's favourite family drama and as such it is licensed in 119 countries. All have different plans for how the series will be seen in their territories.

This blog site is mostly concerned with Canada and season 9 of Heartland. Please do not ask us about other territories because for the most part we (and by that I mean me - your faithful blog whisperer) have no idea.

So I hope the above clears things up and I hope you like the fact that each week we will have exciting photos, videos and news about production.

Lastly I hope you have a great weekend wherever you are, and until next week I remain, as always, obediently yours.