Kevin McGarry’s First Season

Posted on Sep 6, 2018

So this Throwback Thursday blog is another selection of photos from Heartland's past, but it is from Heartland's recent past and focuses on when Mitch was introduced back in season 9 (2015-16). Expertly played by Kevin McGarry, it seems like Mitch has been in Heartland long before then.

That photo of him smiling at the top of this blog was taken at the studio today, where he was on set filming scenes from episodes 1209 and 1210. But all of the rest of the photos were indeed from season 9, which was filmed in 2015. Some of these have never been seen before; for example the furniture on the dude ranch cabin shots were not released to promote the episode because they would have obviously spoiled the surprise.

Heartland did not have any photos taken from when Lou first met Mitch. However, the look on Amy and Ty's face in the second photograph was the moment when they first saw Mitch at Heartland, when Jack brought him into the pen and introduced him. A lot of Heartland characters, and maybe some Heartland viewers were not immediate fans of Mitch, but he certainly has grown on pretty well everyone... even Tim.

Kevin's character has a very interesting story line that runs through season 12, and I'm sure we are all going to find it quite intriguing. Mitch is a welcome addition to the series, and it's great that Kevin is playing him. We will all find out what the future holds for him when season 12 of Heartland premieres across Canada this winter on CBC.

That photo of Amy (Amber Marshall) and Ty (Graham Wardle) has a second purpose, for today is Graham Wardle's birthday and I'm sure all fans would like to send him birthday greetings. In case you were wondering, Graham was not working today, so we all hope he is enjoying himself. It's always great when you don't have to work on your birthday!

It is September so many of you are back in school. You won't have that long to wait before new episodes of Heartland begin on CBC this winter.

Hopefully wherever you are the weather is fine this weekend so you can enjoy it. There will be another blog next Thursday, and it will reveal more information about season 12.