It’s Week 3 of the Heartland Trivia Contest! Win Season One and Season Two DVDs

Posted on Mar 11, 2010

Hmmmm. What does this mean?

Okay. You Heartland fans are good. REALLY good.

The question for last week's trivia contest was: In the Hudson Derby episode of Season 2, Stumpy places a bet with Lou on the horse ridden by whom to win the Hudson Charity Derby? The choices were Jack Bartlett, Brad Borden, Scott Cardinal, Julius Ferkins and Tim Fleming. The answer, which again many of you got right, was Scott Cardinal, whose horse's name, Eat My Dust, was enough to make Stumpy think that Scott would be the one to beat. Turns out he was dead on!

Click through for the second winner of Seasons 1&2 on DVD, and the contest link for YOUR next chance to win!

Also dead on was Michelle J. of Barriere, BC, who correctly chose Scott and as a result will receive the complete DVD sets of Seasons One and Two. Congratulations Michelle! Post something in the comments and take a bow!

Two weeks down and two to go, as we are giving away DVDs sets of both seasons each week for the four weeks leading up to our season finale on March 28, and also as a way of letting everyone know that the DVDs will be available in stores on April 6, distributed by E1 Entertainment.

But getting back to the contest, it appears we have a small challenge going on here, as some of you (you know who you are!) think these trivia questions have been a little too easy, so once again I've had to raise the bar.

On the set of the Heartland Christmas movie, which is now filming in Alberta, an informal call went out for a tough trivia question and my thanks goes to the production's Costume Set Supervisor, Devora Brown, for coming up with this week's question, which has to do with Mrs. Bell, seen in the above photo with her beloved Sugarfoot.

To see the question and to enter this week's contest, click here.

Good luck!!!