It’s Week 2 of the Heartland Trivia Contest! Win Season One and Season Two DVDs

Posted on Mar 5, 2010

Hooo boy... well, a TON of you answered week one's trivia question.

The question was: Which of these Heartland Episodes is NOT a title of a book in the Heartland series by Lauren Brooke - True Enough, Come What May, Holding Fast, Born to Run, or Out of the Darkness? The answer, which many of you got right, was Born to Run.

Click through for the first winner of Seasons 1&2 on DVD, and the contest link for YOUR next chance to win!

You guys did really well! We got thousands of entries, and there were only 11 disqualifications for multiple entries from one person!

Out of all the entrants who got the correct answer we drew the name of the winner for the first set of Season 1 and Season 2 DVDs, (in a lavish ceremony here at Heartland Blog HQ that put the Oscars to shame) and that winner is... Gina C. From Bow Island, Alberta! Congratulations Gina!! Post a comment here and take a bow! I will be contacting you shortly regarding when and how you will be receiving your prize.

Now there were so many correct answers I decided to make this week's question a wee bit harder. Okay - a LOT harder. I got the idea when I saw a comment a few weeks back that made reference to Stumpy, a character from the Second Season of Heartland that some of you may not remember. Gee, that would really be unfortunate, because remembering Stumpy is vital to correctly answering Week 2's question...

To see the question and to enter this week's contest, click here.

Good luck!!!