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Posted on Apr 1, 2010


Although there's no new episode of Heartland this Sunday I thought I'd give you some sundry items - a few little updates - and that I would accompany them by photos of some tender moments between Amy and Ty, Ashley and Caleb and of course Lou and Peter, because although there's a lot of drama and conflict on Heartland, I want everyone to remember that there's also a lot of affection, and so I figured you would appreciate a few shots, some of which you may not have seen before! Click though for more!

First, I no longer have to scratch my head when someone asks which blog post has generated the most responses over the 3 plus years of this website, because it went up earlier this week and is the one asking for you to help name Amber's horse, the "horse soon not to be known as Harry." With more than 400 500 550 650 700 comments (so far) containing hundreds and hundreds of unique and really good suggestions, Amber has been going through them and loves the creativity you have come up with so far!

We have decided to give all of you a full week, until next Tuesday, to come up with suggestions. After that time I'll shut down the comments on that post and Amber will make her decision.

For those of you who have not yet made a suggestion, and also for those of you who might have thought of an additional name, here is some info on the object of your suggestions - the little cutie was born on April 18, 2009, his colour is buckskin, he is a Quarter-Horse and he has a wonderful temperament - he's very quiet and loves to be around people.

So back to you - continue to impress us with your thoughts of suggested names and we'll let you know next week what "Harry" will soon be called!


More smooching


Also next week watch for another Q & A, this time by another one of our senior crew members who you'll be able to ask your usual insightful questions to. These posts have been really popular and by offering up crew members I figure you'll be able to know a little more about what goes on behind the scenes on the set of Heartland!


Even MORE smooching


Now, if you are in the Red Deer area on April 23 - 25, Amber Marshall will be appearing at a meet and greet on the Saturday of The Mane Event, a very popular equine education and trade fair that will be held in the central Alberta city.

Interestingly enough there will be a colt starting contest similar to the ring of fire episode, and none other than Hugh McLennan will be the announcer, the same cowboy radio personality who handled the microphone during episode 317. Talk about life imitating art!

The Mane Event's website - where you can learn more about the fair - is

If you can make it, Amber will be happy to meet you!


And lastly I wish to close on a serious note. Some of you noticed that before the credits rolled at the end of last Sunday's season finale the words "In memory of our dear friend and colleague, Bill Steiner" appeared on the screen and a lot of you asked about this.

Bill Styner worked in the Transportation Department of Heartland on Season One as a van driver and was a well-liked member of the first season crew. Bill passed away on December 22, 2009, after a long, courageous and spirited battle with cancer.

We wanted to honour him in the credits of our recent season finale and unfortunately the surname of his name was misspelled on screen. It should have read "In memory of our dear friend and colleague, Bill Styner."

This is being corrected and all subsequent broadcasts of the episode, as well as all DVDs when they are released, will have the correct spelling of Bill's last name.

The producers apologize for this error and everyone regrets that the mistake was not caught before the episode aired last Sunday.