It’s Thursday!  I am too, so let’s have a drink!!!

Posted on May 13, 2010

Amy and Ty

Okay, bad pun. But I do have a tall cool drink of Heartland info, facts and news, because it's been a full week since I put something up for you to read! Click through for more!

Not that there's not a lot of news - there totally is. It's just that I am pacing myself as production of Season 4 gears up...

On Monday I'm going to have editor Ken Filewych's answers, complete with illustrations AND a video for you to watch (remember I said getting educated could be fun?), and next week I'm also going to have a new member of the Heartland crew for you to ask questions to.

Anyway, yesterday most of the cast assembled at the production office in Calgary for a spirited read through of the first two episodes of the fourth season - this is literally where everyone sits around a table and does a first reading of their lines. The finishing touches are getting put on the costumes, the vehicles are all ready to go and the cameras and crew are itching to start filming the new season. Day 1 of shooting will be Monday, and the still photographer for Heartland, Andrew Bako, will be on hand to take a photo or two that I'll post here on soon. Watch for it!

Speaking of "watch for it"... if you're living in Australia did you know you can watch Season 3 of Heartland on ABC2 Television? Each episode is airing at 6:30pm on Saturdays, with Episode 304 - "The Haunting of Hanley Barn" next up. Episode 305 - "Glory Days" will air May 22 and Episode 306 - "Growing Pains" will be broadcast on May 29.

Interestingly enough, there is no indication of when the episode "Against All Odds" will air. A good thing too, because there is no such episode! :) See last week's post if you don't know what I'm talking about here!

Meanwhile, halfway around the globe (well, almost halfway - 15,200km to the north-west) in Finland, "Heartland" goes by the name Sydänmailla and it is broadcast on Sundays at 1:10pm on YLE TV2. This Sunday if you are hanging in Helsinki you can watch Episode 111, which is being aired then. That episode is called "Thicker Than Water," and in it - the simmering sibling rivalry between Amy and Lou heats to a boil - or, as they describe it in Finnish, "Amyn ja Loun sisaruuskateus nousee pintaan." Any Finnish Heartland fans reading this? How did I do?

Now it's time to answer - in English - a few of the oft-asked questions that we receive. So, in no particular order -

1) Do you now when Heartland will start up again and do you know how many seasons of Heartland are going to be made?

As I mentioned above, Season 4 begins filming this Monday. There will be 18 episodes that will start airing in Canada on the CBC beginning in late September. No one ever knows how many seasons any series will last. It all depends on whether fans are enjoying it enough to keep watching it. Because an average of over one million Canadians tuned in to watch each new episode of Season 3 (and for this we thank each and every one of you) there is going to be a Season 4. If the numbers rock for Season 4 there is an excellent chance that further episodes will be made. I will have more to say about this later, but bottom line, the best way to keep Heartland on the air is to get as many people as you can to actually watch it, not to mention visiting to the blog, joining the Facebook page, etc. Imagine what would happen if every one of you million viewers got just one new person to tune in? Let's make that our goal for season 4!!

2) Wondering if we have a list of appearance dates throughout the summer and fall like the Calgary Stampede etc. etc. if so can i get it or can we have it posted online?

Because filming is taking place between now and the end of the year there's not a lot of time for cast appearances, but when they do happen I'll post the event, date and time well in advance so if you happen to be in the area you can consider attending. THis blog is the very best place to find that info.

3) Man, I wish the dvds would come out in Aus. Haha, the cast should so come here!

I understand there will be a DVD release in Australia (and I assume NZ as well). More info when I get it. As for the "cast should so come here," believe me they would LOVE to, especially when it is 30 degrees below zero on set!

4) Will there be Re-runs during the spring/ summer? Did Heartland just stop because of the NHL playoffs?

When the schedule comes out for rerunning Season 3 I'll post it in the calendar on the Heartland home page. The season finale was broadcast March 28 and so there will be no new episodes until the fall.

5) I wondering when we're going to ask Nathaniel Arcand some questions...

Continue wondering, but rest assured that there will be an upcoming Q&A featuring Nathaniel Arcand, who everyone agrees makes a great Scott Cardinal on Heartland.

6) Where do they hold auditions for the show and how do you find out if they are holding them?

Roles on Heartland are filled by professional actors. Casting for the series is handled by casting directors Rhonda Fisekci and Susan Forrest who contact agencies once they know the roles that need to be filled. A casting call is then put out and suitable candidates are selected and auditioned for new roles on the series.

7) When r u guys coming to montreal?

Well, none of the cast live in Montreal (Cindy Busby - Ashley - used to, but she now lives in BC), so it's difficult during filming, but not completely beyond the realm of possibility. If any of them do make it to Montreal I'll definitely post it here well in advance.

Incidentally, last year, when the Montreal Canadiens hockey team celebrated their 100th anniversary, the cast of Heartland filmed a congratulatory video which played at the Bell Centre, where the team plays its home games. Now once again everyone would like to congratulate the team for reaching the Conference Finals after knocking off first the Washington Capitals and then the Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins. Way to go, Habs! Et bonne chance dans la prochaine ronde!

Have a great weekend everyone! Again, watch for Ken's answers to be posted on Monday and for a photo from the first day of production soon after.