It’s Throwback Thursday: Remember The First Heartland Blog?

Posted on May 2, 2019

Hey Heartland fans, it's "Throwback Thursday" and now is a good time to take a peek at the very first Heartland blog ever.  Here's a link.

Way back then, the show was just starting out and most of the first fans of the series were readers of the Lauren Brooke book series.  In fact, the very first ever comment on a Heartland blog was:

"I'm really hoping this show is as great as the books."
- LoveHeartland

The comments section from that time is now gone, as the technology used to run the blog has changed over the years, but we still have the comments themselves. Here are some additional highlights from the comments of that first ever Heartland blog. Keep in mind the first two episodes had already aired when this blog came out. All of these comments are all from 2007!

"hi i am 13 i am 100% horse crazy today is oct 15/07 and i have just stated book 9 and i love them i cry all the time when i read them any way the guy who plays Ty is so HOTT !!! i love him"

If "Darci" was 13 then, she would be around 25 now. Do you think she still has a crush on "the guy who plays Ty?"

"I watched Heartland, and I was impressed. The setting is beautiful. I think there is a good story here that could go on for a long time. Good cast, good horses, good acting, good story. Maybe it will turn into the next big Canadian show. It has the makings."

Great news for Pam: It worked out just fine! Heartland definitely falls into the category of "big Canadian show."

"I hope Ty and Amy don't break up like in Beyond the Horizon. I didn't even read that book it was so off. Completely OOC. For me, the series ended at 20 (or 21 if you count Holiday Memory)"

Well, Annette, it can be safely said the show took a slightly different course from the book in this case. 

"I absolutely LOVE Heartland...I have two young kids and I'm thrilled that we can enjoy a show without telling them to leave the room! I hope to see HEARTLAND stay on the air for a long time!"

Thanks Jules. Heartland has definitely been on the air for a long time.  And this fall we are going into Season 13!  Can you believe it?

That's all for now but, If any of you plan on bingeing all of the previous 12 seasons before the next one starts, now is a good time to get underway as it will take awhile to watch them all!  Of course, if you are in Canada, you can find them all right here on CBC Gem.

One more thing: While we are on the subject of the first ever Heartland blog, we thought we would also share a bunch of photos from the first few entries from way back in 2007 and early 2008. Enjoy!