It’s Monday, November 4 - Four things you should know…

Posted on Nov 4, 2013

1) There were so many good photos taken by Heartland stills photographer I thought I'd include a few more from the episode, including a funny variation of my 'spot the differences' puzzle. Take a look below!

2) Yes, Michelle Morgan was indeed pregnant during the filming of the first few episodes, and she recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. There's another two photographs below of her and the baby, taken by a member of Heartland's crack 'B' Camera team, Schane Godon. Say hello to Michelle and Derek's new family addition, Noah Santiago!

3) It appears that for some of you, there may not have been a preview for Episode 706 at the tail end of last night's episode... but, you can watch it online right here! Just so everyone knows, there's indeed a brand new episode of Heartland (Yup, 706) being broadcast on CBC this Sunday, November 10. And I might as well mention that there'll be another new episode (707) the following Sunday, November 17). That's seven (count 'em) new episodes in a row, which is a record for Heartland. AND there'll be really fun Heartland Companion content available too, so download it for free from the App Store if you haven't already, OR come back to at 7pm on Sunday for the interactive experience on your computer or non-iOS device!

4) So there I was, writing last Thursday's blog (as I have every Thursday for a very long time) and I was thinking, "Is there something I'm forgetting?" I didn't think so and went ahead and posted the blog as usual, and then over the weekend I saw a few comments from faithful fans who reminded me what I forgot to put in the blog four days ago - TIM'S HORSE'S NAME!

Now I know you know that we couldn't have a silly name like Butterball or Snowflake. Not for a horse that Tim Fleming would ride. So the judges (Showrunner Heather Conkie, Episode writer Leila Basen and Chris Potter, who masterfully plays Tim) looked at each name and thought, "Is this a name that Tim would feel comfortable with?"

To be honest, we narrowed the 1500+ names down to 80, and then again to 10. But all of that is unimportant, for there can only be one name, and that name is...


There were more than one of you who suggested Champ, but the very first to post it as a sole suggestion is therefore the person who can proudly claim credit, and that person is Nicole Kingsley. Thanks, Nicole! You can always now say you had a hand in contributing to the Heartland saga. :)

Four things - that's what your trusty Blog Whisperer has posted in this bonus Monday blog. Come back on Thursday, when I will have photos and more information on this Thursday's all new episode of Heartland.

Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.