It was a Rosie weekend for Heartland!

Posted on May 30, 2011

Hey! A rare Monday blog post is up! The 37th annual Alberta Film & Television Awards, celebrating excellence and outstanding achievement in Albertan film, television and new media, were handed out Saturday, May 28 at a sold-out gala celebration in Edmonton. The evening was hosted by comedian Steve Patterson. Click through for more info and an important "Spot the Differences" update!

The statuette, known as the "Rosie", was awarded in 22 Class and 29 Craft categories.

It was - as you may have read online - a very good night for Heartland!

This year, Canada's favourite family series took the most number of Rosies (5), while the Alberta producers from SEVEN/24 Films co-led the pack as the production company receiving the most Rosies (6).

In order to qualify for an Alberta Film & Television Award a production must be at least co-produced by an Alberta production company. For any craftsperson to be eligible he or she must have been a resident of Alberta for the 2010 calendar year.

If you're curious, the complete list of winners for the 2011 Alberta Film & Television Awards can be found at You might be interested, as some people connected to Heartland won Rosies for other productions they worked on.

Here are the Rosies won by Heartland -

BEST DRAMATIC SERIES - Heartland - Tom Cox & Jordy Randall, Producers, SEVEN24 Films

BEST DIRECTOR OVER 30, DRAMA - Francis Damberger - Heartland - "Lost Song"

BEST ALBERTA ACTOR - Shaun Johnston - Heartland - "Lost Song"

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHER OVER 30, DRAMA - Craig Wrobleski - Heartland - "One Day"

BEST EDITOR OVER 30, DRAMA - Ken Filewych - Heartland - "Homecoming"

BEST OVERALL SOUND, DRAMA - Ron Osiowy & Geo Major - A Heartland Christmas

In addition, congratulations to the following from - Heartland and A Heartland Christmas, who received the following nominations:

BEST FEATURE FILM - A Heartland Christmas - Tom Cox & Jordy Randall, Producers, SEVEN24 Films


Dean Bennett - Heartland, "Road Curves"

Dean Bennett - A Heartland Christmas

Grant Harvey - Heartland, "Homecoming"

BEST SCREENWRITER OVER 30, DRAMA - Mark Haroun - Heartland, "Graduation"

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHER OVER 30, DRAMA - Craig Wrobleski - A Heartland Christmas

BEST EDITOR OVER 30, DRAMA - Ken Filewych - A Heartland Christmas


BEST COSTUME DESIGNER - Carol Case - Heartland, "Win, Place or Show"


In other news...

I think you've all honed your "Spot the Difference" skills enough on the puzzles I've been posting the past few Mondays, so you're now ready to apply those skills to see if you can't get your hands on some swag! So this is fair warning that although there is no new puzzle today, keep your eyes open on Saturday June 11, as a killer of a "Spot the Differences" puzzle will go up then, at noon EDT. More details will be in this Thursday's blog post, but one thing I'll tell you is this: what may make it challenging for some of you will be the fact that I am NOT going to tell you ahead of time how many differences there are!

So there! (Heh heh heh!)