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Posted on Apr 29, 2010

Meet and greet - Equestrian Centre in Surrey

A variety of items, news, tidbits and thoughts to keep the fans of Heartland updated.

1) The photos you see here are from the meet and greet that was arranged last Saturday at the A&T Equestrian Centre in Surrey, not far from Vancouver. All of the Vancouver-based Heartland cast who could make it showed up and had a blast with about 350 fans who were thrilled to meet them! Click through for more!!

Graham Wardle (Ty), Jessica Amlee (Mallory), Jake Church (Jake), Kerry James (Caleb), Cindy Busby (Ashley) and Wanda Cannon (Val) all had a great time, as you can probably tell from these photos! It took about two and a half hours for everyone to meet the cast, get autographs and take photos. Afterwards the cast went out for dinner and caught up with what each of them had been doing during the "off-season."

2) Three days ago (on Monday) the production office opened in Calgary for Season 4 of Heartland. From across the country the team is getting assembled and in the middle of May the 50th episode of Heartland (episode 401) will begin filming. The season premiere will be broadcast in Canada in late September. By then several more of the 18 episodes in the fourth season will be ready for broadcast on the CBC. The new season of Heartland will air on Sundays at 7:00pm, 7:30pm in Newfoundland (the same as the last 3 seasons). The team is glad to be back and everyone is looking forward to continuing the Heartland saga!

3) If you are a fan of the series and are living in the United Kingdom, you might have seen Heartland on channel E4 when it was broadcast. Now you can get Season 1 on DVD! It was released on April 26.

4) And of course in Canada Season 2 will be coming out on DVD on May 4. At the same time the complete Season 1 will also be released. Watch for it!

5) And lastly, a "did you know?" piece of trivia -

Did you know that the ranch house you see on Heartland - the one that sits on the acreage in Millarville, Alberta, next to the barn and the quonset hut and the paddock, contains no furniture or any of the interior rooms you see on Heartland?

All of those interior rooms - the living room, kitchen and entranceway, Lou's bedroom, Amy's bedroom, Marion's room and the bathroom - are housed in a studio set in Calgary. So when you see someone on the porch about to go inside the house, and then in the next shot you see them inside the house, those two shots were filmed on different days. Because of the great work of the editors and the crew it looks as though it is all set in one location.

The studio works perfectly for the interior scenes, because none of the rooms have a ceiling, allowing for more flexibility in lighting the scenes, and the house set has also been constructed using "wild walls," which can be removed to enable the camera to get a better angle when filming. By shooting in a studio each room is not as cramped as it would be filming in an actual house.

However, in case you were wondering - Ty's room, in the loft of the barn, is indeed located above where the horses are in the barn. That room is not part of the studio set.

Now you know.

That's it for this Thursday. We'll have a new Q&A next week, as well as more news and information for all of you.

Until then, have a great weekend!

Meet and greet - Equestrian Centre in Surrey

Meet and greet - Equestrian Centre in Surrey

Meet and greet - Equestrian Centre in Surrey

Meet and greet - Equestrian Centre in Surrey

Meet and greet - Equestrian Centre in Surrey