How well do you know the careers of Heartland’s stars?

Posted on Jul 22, 2014

How many actors with at least one speaking line have been in Heartland over the past seven seasons? Would you be surprised if I told you it was in the hundreds?

Today’s Time Killer is REALLY HARD! Some of you love to chide me and say I don’t make these tough enough. Well, let’s see what you say after this one!!!!

Below in the left column are the 23 actors who have been in at least 9 episodes of the first seven seasons of Heartland. I've listed them in order of most episodes through least.

Below that you'll see 23 different film and television projects, all in alphabetical order.

Your challenge (Part 1) is to put each title next to the actor’s name who acted in it. The only trick here is that some of the films and television shows had more than one of these Heartland actors in it; your job is to list them so all 23 are next to one of these 23 actors.

In other words, every title must be used.

Your bonus challenge (Part 2) is to place their character’s name next to the film or television project. Again, all 23 character names are to be used. I doubt anyone will know all of these, so you may have to do a little internet surfing to get the answers. The good news in that is you will learn that these actors who have starred in television’s favourite family series are a pretty talented and versatile bunch and who knows? You might find a title of a show that you may want to watch sometime in the future.

For those of you who are going to try and solve it - I give you my biggest Blog Whisperer salute. Good luck, happy hunting and I’ll post the answers next week.

Amber Marshall
Shaun Johnston
Graham Wardle
Michelle Morgan
Chris Potter
Jessica Amlee
Kerry James
Nathaniel Arcand
Gabriel Hogan
Cindy Busby
Greta Onieogou
Jessica Steen
Alisha Newton
Wanda Cannon
Jake Church
Tatiana Maslany
Anna Ferguson
Miranda Frigon
Sam Duke
Torrance Coombs
Greg Lawson
Kaitlyn Leeb
Maxim Roy

The other film or television projects:

Bad City, Blackstone, Brokeback Mountain, The Christmas Shoes, Dexter, Degrassi: the Next Generation, Diary of the Dead, Grave Halloween, Heart of Dance, Into the West, The Kennedys, Klondike, The Music Teacher, My Life Without Me, Old Stock, Parks and Recreation, ReGenesis, Reign, Republic of Doyle, Silk Stalkings, Snow Queen, That One Night, When Calls the Heart.

Each actor’s character in the above film or television project:

Andy, Bobby, Caroline, Danny, Debra, Goodman, Jenna, Joe, Kim, Lily, Luscious, Maiko, Millicent, Minna, Nadia, Penny, Sebastian, Sirina, Sonya, Tom Ryan, Victor, William, Zack.


As for last week’s time killer, which was a hypothetical question of if you ran Heartland what would you do, I was blown away once again by the gigantic hearts the fans of this series have. Over 70 of you replied and took the time to write down what you would do if Heartland were your ranch. I enjoyed reading every one of them, even the one who wrote that she’s get the seasons up quicker on Netflix. Seriously now - do you really think Jack could do that?