Help Amber name her horse!

Posted on Mar 30, 2010

Amber and ???

[UPDATE: That's all folks! Comments are now closed. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions, and I'll let you know when Amber makes her choice!]

Well, now that Season 3 has ended, Amber has some housekeeping to do before she and the rest of the cast return to the ranch set in May to begin filming the first of 18 new fourth season episodes of Heartland. Season 4 will begin airing in Canada on the CBC in late September or early October. The date has yet to be determined, but when I say "in the fall" some of you reading this are uncertain when that is, so I'm giving you approximate dates. And of course the 2-hour Christmas movie that was recently shot is now being edited and will be broadcast in December. But I digress... Click through for the REAL reason for this post!!

This is about Amber Marshall and a horse that needs a new name!

Amber wants you Heartland fans to provide some input into helping her rename "the horse soon not to be known as Harry," pictured above.

This is the photo that ran on the cover of the last issue of Canadian Cowboy Country Magazine, and it is a shot of Amber and her foal, which has been carrying the name Harry for too long now.

I totally agree with Amber, there has to be a better name for a horse. Now, I personally know a couple of guys named Harry and the name suits them just fine, but for a horse???

So how about it, Heartland fans - take a look at him and suggest a good name. Be creative and enter your suggestion in the comments below.

Amber will read over all suggestions she receives and will settle on something in the near future. When she does I'll let you all know what new name "the horse soon not to be known as Harry" is sporting!