Heartlandsocial media roundup for the week of August 1

Posted on Aug 1, 2019

By now, you have all seen the news about young Jack Bartlett, played by Shea Johnston coming up in Heartland season 13.  If you missed it, you can read all about it right here. What else has been going on this week in the world of Heartland? Let's roundup some of the key posts on social media over the last week from your favourite casts members. 

Here's a post on Twitter from Shaun Johnston, looking forward to the long weekend. It's so close, Canada! Which also brings us ever closer to the Heartland season 13 premiere on September 22!

When we all got let in on that VERY interesting info about Heartland season13, Amber Marshall had us covered and reshared the ET Canada exclusive on her Twitter feed.

And she also shared this lovely image on her ride in to work one day. Alberta is so beautiful:

Speaking of the beauty of Alberta, Shaun Johnston shared this amazing picture of the Heartland Ranch on a gorgeous sunny day. It's hard to find a picture where the ranch doesn't look good...

This is a little older than a week, but it's a nice shot from Madison Cheeatow on Instagram. If you aren't following her already, now's your chance!


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And a little more than a week ago, Victoria Pratt announced that she would be returning as Casey in season 13! You know there will be some sparks (good or bad ones?) between her and Tim (Chris Potter).


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And finally, a little nod to Heartland fans south of the border! Netflix will have a new season of Heartland (Season 11) starting today!

Wow... we could go on forever. There is so much related to Heartland to talk about even when it's between seasons. But, for today, we will leave it there. Have a good long weekend, Heartland fans and we'll see you next time.