Heartland’s production office is open!

Posted on Apr 30, 2015

Season 9 is about to start filming, Heartlanders, and when it does we are going to have a lot of news and photos and cool info for you.

I was hoping to spill the beans on a lot of things, but my vow to not leak too many secrets and spoilers prevents me from going on about some of the things I was hoping to. I can't even give you the working titles of episodes 901 and 902, because they would be very misleading, so instead I will wait until the final titles have been selected.

I can tell you a couple of things. First, Amy and Ty are back from their honeymoon in France and we will see a lot of them in both episodes right from the start. And Ty is going to be getting close to his graduation and becoming a full fledged veterinarian, something he has been working hard towards.

Georgie has been making great inroads with the horse known as Trouble (the last horse we saw in season 8), and in fact is working with Trouble and Phoenix, practicing Roman riding, where she stands on the two moving horses, with one foot on each horse's back.

Next week I will have some more information about the first block of filming, which starts May 19, but I am thrilled to tell you that the director for the first two episodes is Bruce McDonald, who directed episode 803 and also 804 - the 125th episode in the Heartland saga. Bruce had an absolute blast last year and production was thrilled to welcome him aboard. This year, in addition to the first two episodes of season 9 he will also direct two other episodes later in the season. More on that later in the year.

For photos I thought I would share some production shots taken from Bruce's block last year. In the photo above, he is with Amber, Graham and DOP Craig Wrobleski, working out the shot when Ty towed the metal steer in the field.

I hope you enjoy these and I know you'll be looking forward next Thursday when I bring you another set of photos you have never seen before.

Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.

Oh yes I nearly forgot. Watch for a little message from Bruce McDonald on the Heartland on CBC Twitter page. I think you'll like it.

Here is a photo taken at the ranch, with Bruce speaking with Graham.

Here is Shaun Johnston as Jack, deep in thought, with Dan (Matt Cooke) in the backgound. It's not a production shot, but it's still a good one that I never showed you last year.

Now this is a production photo. You can see Shaun as Jack, along with a lot of equipment and many crew.

If you saw season 8 you will remember the scene where Georgie (Alisha Newton) released the owl back to the wild. Here she is a few minutes earlier, enjoying the time she had with it before she encouraged it to fly away.

And here is a shot in the attic of the house. That's Amber as Amy and Alisha as Georgie on the bed, with director Bruce McDonald, just before the scene was about to be filmed.