Heartland’s patriarch, Jack Bartlett - Seasons 1-6

Posted on Jul 26, 2018

As reported on the Official Heartland on CBC Twitter account, filming of season 12 is shutting down temporarily after tomorrow's work day for a scheduled 10 day hiatus. Cast and crew who do not live in the Calgary, High River and Millarville area will be able to return home and spend some time with friends and family. Production will resume on Tuesday, August 7.

Any photos from set these past couple of weeks would give away storylines that really should not be revealed until you watch season 12 when it premieres this winter. However, the throwback Thursday blogs which have been posted recently have been extremely popular. So, in keeping with that theme, today's photographs are going to focus on Heartland's patriarch, Jack Bartlett, expertly portrayed by Shaun Johnston.

Here are thirteen photos; two each from seasons one through five, and three images from season 6. You can definitely see how Jack has changed over the years. In future blogs, look for photos from recent seasons, as well as a selection featuring both him and Lisa (Jessica Steen). Some of these have rarely been seen, so enjoy!

And even though there will be no filming going on next Thursday there will always be a blog with more Heartland stuff for you.

Have a great weekend. It's summer in Canada; let's all enjoy it!