Heartland Season Finale This Sunday

Posted on Mar 17, 2016

This is going to be a short blog with nine photos from this Sunday's episode, no spoilers and nothing else except good news.

First of all - let's start with the good... no, GREAT news! You will notice that the headline to this blog post says "Season " Finale, not "Series" Finale. That is because, as Amber Marshall first announced during her live Cast Chat session, Heartland has been renewed for a record continuing tenth (as in 10th!!!!!) season.

Yep 157 episodes through season 9 and 18 more starting in the fall to bring the total number of episodes of the Heartland saga to 175

How awesome is that? And yes, the series is really good, but many good series have never reached four or even three seasons. A major factor in Heartland's longevity is the number of Canadians watching each episode on CBC Television on Sunday evening. In a time when television viewing is slipping Heartland's audience numbers keep climbing; season 6 had a larger viewership than season 5; season 7 was larger than season 6; season 8 was larger than season 7. And... season 9 has continued the trend, not only topping season 8, but becoming the most watched season of Heartland ever, and for that everyone connected to the series - the producers, cast & crew and this broadcaster - has to tip our hats and give a HUGE shout out to you, the Canadian fans who have made Heartland the popular series it has become. Stand up and take a bow, every one of you.

I'm serious; you can't continue reading until you stand up and take a bow.

So then... production will start in early May and of course we will have tons of online stuff for you.

But first - let's talk about episode 157, the 18th episode of season 9, which will air this Sunday, March 20 at 7:00pm across Canada (7:30pm in Newfoundland).

As are most season ending episodes, the script (titled Resolutions) was written by Heather Conkie and directed by Dean Bennett.

A lot goes on. I am not going to go into any spoiler detail other than to say it is New Year's Eve and Amy and Ty want to get away and celebrate their first anniversary, but you know there are always complications whenever Amy & Ty want to get away! There are several storylines the season finale addresses - the what's Lou to do thing; the Georgie & Adam thing and Bob's ongoing problems with the wildlife reserve.

I'll say one thing - I'm glad we have another 18 episodes, cause it is very hard to tie up everything in this final season 9 episode.

So enjoy! And let us know what you thought of it after you've seen it.

PS: If you are going to join Alisha Newton on her Cast Chat session, that is on at 6:00pm Mountain (8:00pm Eastern). I hope you can make it.

Until next week I remain, as always, obediently yours.